The 2013 and 2014 playlists from Klara and Musiq’3 are now available!

Since last year classical performances can be declared through the PlayRight portal by using the specific form for classical recordings.

In the past, rights for classical performances were not based on individual declarations but based on statements of income, so we acknowledge that some members may need some help to declare specific performances.

You are able to consult the playlists of Klara and Musiq’3 for 2012, 2013 and 2014 online now. We hope that making the radio playlists of Klara and Musiq’3 directly available to our members will make it much easier for them to pinpoint which declarations need to be declared, so that they are counted in the subsequent distributions.

Consult the playlists here:

Attention! The deadline to declare recordings for reference year 2012 is the 31/12/2015 so make sure all relevant recordings are declared before this date to ensure you are included in the distribution.

Any questions? Need a hand? Contact your account manager directly or mail to .