The first PlayRight distribution of 2017 is the payment of international rights. This distribution is for members who gave PlayRight a mandate to collect their rights abroad. The rights will be paid out in the coming days.

When an artist joins PlayRight, he/she has the possibility to give PlayRight a worldwide mandate that ensures that their rights are collected in all countries where PlayRight International has an agreement with a “sister society.” (More information about the different mandates on our website)

Through this worldwide mandate, PlayRight is able to collect rights in those countries where recordings in which the artist participated have been broadcasted. The distribution of the international rights is based on the rules of the sister society in the country where the recording was broadcast. PlayRight is not involved in that calculation process, but makes sure that the data quality meets the standards of the sister society, and handles the payment of the calculated rights once received. This is one of the reasons why in an international distribution, the “reference years” can vary for music and audiovisual rights, it differs from country to country.

This distribution of international rights handles following territories and reference years:

To compensate the extra cost of the exchange of rights, a 5% fee will be deducted by PlayRight on all the international rights received after December 1st 2016.  This is common practice among collecting societies.

If members have any questions, they can contact their account manager or send an email to .   An FAQ is also available below.

The next distribution will take place in May and will be the final distribution of music recordings for the reference year 2013. Check out our website to consult our distribution calendar 2017 and information on this year’s deadlines.



Join us as a PlayRight Shareholder!

Created by and for performers, PlayRight defends the interests of nearly 13,000 musicians, actors, dancers and circus & variety artists. Our working process, general regulations, and the projects in which the collective society are involved in, are decided with the participation of the shareholders and those who sit on the board. Would you want to play an active role in the company by becoming a shareholder of PlayRight ?

If you have already participated in at least 3 commercialized and/or broadcasted recordings, you can become a Shareholder. Via the online portalclick on the “details” menu and “Shareholder” tab to access the application form. Once your Account Manager confirms that you meet the necessary conditions, you will have to buy a one time share of 49.57 euros to complete the process and become a shareholder. More information is also available on our website.

Please note that in order to take part in the next PlayRight General Assembly on June 19th, you have to be a Shareholder at the latest before the 18th of March 2017. Given the procedure (improvement & payment), a late request may not allow you to join us.

Actress Hilde Heijnen and singer Valérie Schreer tell us more about their experience as shareholders of PlayRight: French version & Dutch version.