Declare your repertoire before the 31st of December 2017

In preparation for the 2018 distributions, affiliated artists must declare their repertoire before the 31st of December.

Basic principles

Rights are always distributed, for one or several reference years, in two stages: a first distribution and a final distribution, aiming to distribute the collected rights for a specific period. The duration between both distributions allows affiliated artistes to declare their repertoire for the recordings that may generate rights, but it also allows the organisations in charge to collect all the remunerations behind your neighbouring rights. Such a duration may also explain a difference of amounts between a first and a final distribution.

DEADLINE: 31/12/2017

In 2018, PlayRight will make a final distribution of music rights for the reference year 2014. This calculation will be based only on declarations made up to the 31st of December 2017.  Any declarations made after this date will not be taken into account, meaning that they will not generate rights for this reference year. Therefore, make sure your repertoire is up-to-date!

 “Participation to declare”? Once logged in your online portal, you might notice in the left column the indications of participation to declare. Please note that the deadline is also applicable to those contributions. As long as you have not declared them, they can’t be taken into account and will not generate rights.


  • Declare your contributions in a few clicks thanks to the new PlayList menu,
  • Please take into account that PlayRight will be closed during the Holidays as from 22/12 until 01/01.Therefore, the availability of your Account Manager may be reduced during this period. Please norte that a complete list of the declarations, made by either yourself or your representative, is available to you via the PlayRight portal.

A PlayRight+ prize for the Jazz section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels

After visiting the Gent School of Arts, PXL Music and Arts2 , PlayRight+ continues its tour and made a stop at the Jazz station this Tuesday 17th of October to award Julien Gillain, a young graduate at the Jazz section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, the PlayRight+ prize.

Julien received a master’s degree in Jazz Piano (taught by Eric Legnini) and another masters in Jazz Violin (under Françoise Derissen) last September, and was invited to perform at the Jazz station to celebrate the occasion. This marks the beginning of a career we wish to be both long and creative for him.

Julien made it through a double curriculum, which means he masters both instruments.  He was selected by his teachers at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels jazz section after graduation.

Julien Gillain was chosen for his attitude – always curious and open towards music, his talent, his seriousness, his perseverance and the way he exhorts himself in his work, during all his courses. He applies great sincerity and generosity towards his colleagues during the projects in which he participates, as well as his own projects.

The teachers at the jazz section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels would like to highlight all these qualities that combine in a double instrumentalist, both pianist and violinist. This is why he was selected to receive Playright+ Prize.  To honor the efforts and the talent of a young emerging musician who just completed a master’s degree at the Conservatory, was self-evident.”

Collaborating on projects throughout Europe, Julien Gillain is also a member of a Hardbop quintet called Dat Mess‘, which you can discover here:




100.000.000 EUR paid out since 2013

This week we hit the mark of 100 million EUR. This is the amount of rights we have distributed among our affiliated artists since 2013.

Even though PlayRight has caught up with its predecessor for the distribution of music rights, there is still a lot of work ahead. We can take pride in this achievement. Last year, for instance, we collected over 18,7 million EUR. That same year our affiliated artists were payed no less than 20 million EUR.

We keep our nose to the grindstone, one day at the time, and if required we will keep knocking at government doors, in order to create a framework in which each artist is given the rights he or she deserves. For each and every one of you.



New : a PlayList Menu to declare your contributions in a few clicks!

As an affiliated PlayRight performer, you have an online Portal that allows you to declare your contributions, adjust your personal details or see the details of your distributed rights. See how to consult your online file here.

Since 2013, the online portal has proved its worth and is constantly evolving in order to optimize this tool for our affiliated artists.

From now on you will be able to declare your contributions in a few clicks, from playlists that PlayRight uses as a distribution parameter in the Belgium territory: a new “PlayList” menu has just been released and is now available to all members who have activated their online file.

Representation: to access the PlayList menu, click on the profiles of your performers.

Login now to your online portal, where a detailed guideline of this new tool is waiting for you. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact your Account manager (her/his contact details are shown in the left column in your online portal).



Our offices are closed today. The PlayRight team will be back on Monday.


The two winners of a PlayRight+ prize at arts au carré are…

The academic year is officially launched and with it, PlayRight + continues to award prizes to the students who just finished their Master. The latest laureates have just completed their studies at Arts2, the Royal Conservatory of Mons.

Proclamations & graduation

PlayRight+ offers all Belgian universities the opportunity to award a PlayRight+ prize to the graduating young musicians and actors. The prize is awarded to those who have distinguished themselves during their training and studies as a performing artist. Our first collaboration with the teaching team and the Direction of Art2 allowed two students, selected by their teachers, to receive an award during the proclamations.

The cream of the theatre’s teaching team, held by Frédéric Dussenne, Bernard Cogniaux, Bernard Clair and Sylvie Landuyt (Director of the Theatre department) have selected Guillaume Druez :

Guillaume has this rare quality in the actors to show both great command and a magnificent permeability to the moment. He combines technical power and frailty. He is a team player, rigorous and attentive. Guillaume explores all facets of his body, his language, the stage and in different temporal durations. He hungers theatrical and performative experiments. This is where his talent lies, in the multiplicity and complexity of the theatre. He is dedicated and blossoms in several roles, he keeps transforming and surprising others, always on the edge, taking risks. He can appear out of nothing and make a strong impact.

He also developed an exciting personal writing style, combining the absurd, comedy, poetry and emotion. He carries his own projects with great success.”

Guillaume Druez (PlayRight+ Prize for the dramatic Arts section ) and Ludovic Monnier (PlayRight+ Prize for the Music section)

For the music section, the panel chose Ludovic Monnier. The guitar graduate also won the Public Competition held in June 2017 by Arts2.

The career of Ludovic Monnier at the Royal Music Academy of Mons is exemplary: an exploration voyage with an open mind, while a personal work discipline that allowed him to reach true artistic independence. It was no longer a student that the external jury discovered last June, but the assumed, captivated and concentrated recital of a young performer we want to come back to. We are pleased that the Playright+ Prize will be awarded to a particularly deserving student, also saluting his teachers and their gift to pass on talent, so indispensable to any student: Odair Assad, who could not make it to the award ceremony, Françoise-Emmanuelle Denis and Magali Rischette

The PlayRight+ prize tour is not over yet, as we will soon award a graduate of the Jazz section at the Brussels conservatory. New dates are already planned for 2018, do not hesitate to contact us at if you are interested.