Call for applications: Join PlayRight Board

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of our management company. Among other things, it outlines the strategy of PlayRight. As such, the Board is crucial when it comes to defending the rights of the performers.

We would therefore like to invite you to become a member of this Board of directors, and take an active part in the management of your company. Help shape its projects, plans and future vision.

This year, four administrator mandates are to be filled:

  •   A French speaking musician,
  •  A Dutch speaking musician
  • A French speaking actress/actor
  • A Dutch speaking actress /actor.

French and Dutch being the national languages, we ask you to send us your application in one of these two languages. On the other hand, please note that the General Assembly is held in both languages.

Get involved in YOUR management society and apply for the mandate that corresponds to your main artistic activity.

How? Send your application to , along with:

  • A short personal presentation (‘curriculum vitae’),
  • And a picture (accepted formats: JPEG / PNG) in two separate files.

Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, May 4th.

Your application will then be communicated to the shareholders, so that they can elect their candidate(s) during the General Assembly that takes place on MONDAY, JUNE 18th.

Additional Info: In due time you will receive your official invitation to the General Assembly (both in French and Dutch) and will have access to the online tool to confirm your presence. Meanwhile, note the date of MONDAY, JUNE 18th (from 1pm) in your calendar. Please also note that the General Assembly will be followed by an event and a drink, to which you are warmly invited.


Royalties remain royalties until proven otherwise

Good news! The Court of Cassation has recently put an end to the practice of the tax administration consisting of automatically taxing income from neighbouring rights and copyright in excess of the ceiling of 59 970 EUR (for 2018) as professional income.

Since 2013 all income deriving from neighbouring rights and copyright must be declared in your tax return, under the heading of movable property. This means the sum of all your income from neighbouring rights and copyright. Not only the amount you receive from PlayRight, but also what you might receive from another CMO or from a producer.

Up to the limit of EUR 59,970 you are entitled to a favorable withholding tax of 15%. Above this ceiling, the general withholding tax for movable property must be applied, in particular 30%.

Unfounded requalification

But, in practice, the tax administration automatically added this income to your professional income, which meant that it was taxed at a progressive rate of 25% to 50%. And this usually was detrimental to the performing artist. And so, the Court of Cassation was asked to take a decision on this.

The Court did not accept the automatic requalification and decided that from now on it is up to the tax administration to prove that income from neighbouring rights is professional income. Failing that, royalties remain royalties, also for the part that exceeds the ceiling of € 59,970.

Request a revision!

And that is good news! If you have recently been personally affected by such an automatic reclassification, be sure to request a revision.


A PlayRight+ prize for the Jazz section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels

After visiting the Gent School of Arts, PXL Music and Arts2 , PlayRight+ continues its tour and made a stop at the Jazz station this Tuesday 17th of October to award Julien Gillain, a young graduate at the Jazz section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, the PlayRight+ prize.

Julien received a master’s degree in Jazz Piano (taught by Eric Legnini) and another masters in Jazz Violin (under Françoise Derissen) last September, and was invited to perform at the Jazz station to celebrate the occasion. This marks the beginning of a career we wish to be both long and creative for him.

Julien made it through a double curriculum, which means he masters both instruments.  He was selected by his teachers at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels jazz section after graduation.

Julien Gillain was chosen for his attitude – always curious and open towards music, his talent, his seriousness, his perseverance and the way he exhorts himself in his work, during all his courses. He applies great sincerity and generosity towards his colleagues during the projects in which he participates, as well as his own projects.

The teachers at the jazz section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels would like to highlight all these qualities that combine in a double instrumentalist, both pianist and violinist. This is why he was selected to receive Playright+ Prize.  To honor the efforts and the talent of a young emerging musician who just completed a master’s degree at the Conservatory, was self-evident.”

Collaborating on projects throughout Europe, Julien Gillain is also a member of a Hardbop quintet called Dat Mess‘, which you can discover here:




The two winners of a PlayRight+ prize at arts au carré are…

The academic year is officially launched and with it, PlayRight + continues to award prizes to the students who just finished their Master. The latest laureates have just completed their studies at Arts2, the Royal Conservatory of Mons.

Proclamations & graduation

PlayRight+ offers all Belgian universities the opportunity to award a PlayRight+ prize to the graduating young musicians and actors. The prize is awarded to those who have distinguished themselves during their training and studies as a performing artist. Our first collaboration with the teaching team and the Direction of Art2 allowed two students, selected by their teachers, to receive an award during the proclamations.

The cream of the theatre’s teaching team, held by Frédéric Dussenne, Bernard Cogniaux, Bernard Clair and Sylvie Landuyt (Director of the Theatre department) have selected Guillaume Druez :

Guillaume has this rare quality in the actors to show both great command and a magnificent permeability to the moment. He combines technical power and frailty. He is a team player, rigorous and attentive. Guillaume explores all facets of his body, his language, the stage and in different temporal durations. He hungers theatrical and performative experiments. This is where his talent lies, in the multiplicity and complexity of the theatre. He is dedicated and blossoms in several roles, he keeps transforming and surprising others, always on the edge, taking risks. He can appear out of nothing and make a strong impact.

He also developed an exciting personal writing style, combining the absurd, comedy, poetry and emotion. He carries his own projects with great success.”

Guillaume Druez (PlayRight+ Prize for the dramatic Arts section ) and Ludovic Monnier (PlayRight+ Prize for the Music section)

For the music section, the panel chose Ludovic Monnier. The guitar graduate also won the Public Competition held in June 2017 by Arts2.

The career of Ludovic Monnier at the Royal Music Academy of Mons is exemplary: an exploration voyage with an open mind, while a personal work discipline that allowed him to reach true artistic independence. It was no longer a student that the external jury discovered last June, but the assumed, captivated and concentrated recital of a young performer we want to come back to. We are pleased that the Playright+ Prize will be awarded to a particularly deserving student, also saluting his teachers and their gift to pass on talent, so indispensable to any student: Odair Assad, who could not make it to the award ceremony, Françoise-Emmanuelle Denis and Magali Rischette

The PlayRight+ prize tour is not over yet, as we will soon award a graduate of the Jazz section at the Brussels conservatory. New dates are already planned for 2018, do not hesitate to contact us at if you are interested.


PlayRight’s mandate in the RAWG has been renewed for 2018

During the previous SCAPR Working Group meeting, Johan Bex, our Attaché International Relations has been re-elected as the convener of the RAWG Working Group.


SCAPR is the international organisation that groups management companies of performing artists’ neighbouring rights. Its mission is, among others to agree on standards and best practices for the affiliated collecting societies and improve the transparency, exchange and efficiency of collective management.

RAWG (Rights and Administration Working Group) is comprised of experts involved in the international exchange between collecting societies. The main aim for the working group is to cooperate towards a consistent improvement of the implementation of our Bilateral Agreements, implying an increased flow of cross-border rights exchanges.

The RAWG participants meet in person four times a year at a location provided by one of the societies. These meetings allow us also to network with other societies and learn from their working habits. In addition to these meetings, we cooperate closely with sister societies, making them full partners to work with.

This increased cooperation encourages societies to invest heavily to improve their working methods so that performers will receive an increased number of rights from a higher number of territories in a quicker and more detailed manner.

The next meeting will be organised in November by Gramex, our Finnish partner.



Agreement between Adami & Spedidam: episode 2

Last October, the two collective management organisations who collect and distribute neighbouring rights in France signed a historic agreement. The purpose of the merge is to combine the two societies creating the SAI (“Société des Artistes Interprètes”).

Ten months later, the upcoming functions of the SAI are starting to take shape. First of all, SAI wants to introduce a French one stop-shop to exchange international rights , while both collecting societies are currently working separately. The second part of this agreement contains a joint implementation of the supplementary remuneration due to the extension of protection of neighbouring rights for music recordings, which is now extended to 70 years (previously, it was 50 years) in every country in Europe. Finally, the last point of the agreement focuses on the set-up of a joint distribution system for both collecting societies.

 This cooperation between Adami and Spedidam will be operational in  2020: such a project represents a significant step forwards  for the rights of performers.


2016 in figures

Let’s have a look in figures at 2016, during which PlayRight made seven distributions. For a full balance of this year, the 2016 annual report can be consulted under the section “documents” in French (Rapport annuel 2016) , and under the section “downloads” in Dutch (Jaarverslag 2016).


PlayRight can now collect your rights in Korea

Christophe Van Vaerenbergh (PlayRight Director) & Won Yong Kim (Chairman of FKMP)

Outside the SCAPR General Assembly, the international organisation that groups management companies of performing artists’ neighbouring rights, PlayRight has just signed a new bilateral agreement with FKMP. The Federation of Korean Music Performers manages, collects and distributes neighbouring rights in Korea.

This new bilateral agreement will allow PlayRight to collect rights of the affiliated members with a worldwide contract. This is the second convention signed for Asia, where PlayRight is already present, thanks to the agreement made with the Japanese Collective society.

More information about PlayRight international here.


When I stream ?

Every April 26, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. We celebrate the role IPR (intellectual property rights) has in encouraging creativity by linking creators with the exploitation of their artistic expressions.

But do they still? Can we really celebrate WIPD 2017? Take a guess!



PlayRight invites you to celebrate 2017 !

Many projects are in the pipeline for 2017. And to begin this new year the best way possible, PlayRight invites you to make a toast to a year that we hope will be promising for the future of neighbouring rights.
We expect you on Tuesday 24th of January 2017 from 7PM at the beursschouwburg (silver room + rooftop) to celebrate.

Please confirm your presence (1 or 2 persons) before the Thursday, 19th of January via