You can qualify for neighbouring rights in any of your artistic performances that have been recorded once they are exploited (broadcast, copied, made available to the public…).

To receive them, two steps are required however:

  • You must be affiliated to a collecting society that collects neighbouring rights for performing artists;
  • You must ensure that the collecting society knows which recordings you were involved in. To benefit from your neighbouring rights, you need to tell PlayRight which of your artistic performances have been recorded. In Belgium, producers (labels, record labels, film and television producers, radio and television stations…) are currently not obliged to notify PlayRight of who took part in which recording.

So, it is up to you to tell us which recordings you were involved in as soon as possible.

You can do so quickly and easily via the PlayRight portal, click the button PlayRight portal  on the homepage,  where all our members can consult and keep their online file up to date.

ic23_geelHere you can find more information about affiliating to a collecting society.

More information about declaring your repertoire further on this page.


You can declare your recordings online and complete your repertoire via our secure portal by using the button PlayRight portal. To log in, fill in your email address and your password.

You can declare your artistic performance according to the kind of contribution through the related tab in your portal:

  • Music: Artistic performance as a musician in a music recording. Please note that we distinguish classical and non-classical music.
  • Audiovisual: Every artistic and not musical performance as an actor or dancer in an audiovisual recording.
  • Dubbing and post synchronization: Artistic performance as an actor in a dubbing & post synchronization recording.
  • Music in audiovisual: Artistic performance as a musician in a music recording used in audiovisual,  concert ,  soundtrack of a movie or a TV-show.


Musicians, singers and conductors need to declare the following performances:

  • Contributions to any music that is recorded in a studio, on radio, during a concert with a view to being broadcast,
  • Contributions to audiovisual recordings: a television programme you performed in, a concert that was recorded and subsequently broadcast on television, the soundtrack to a film you were involved in, music in television programmes, cartoons or animation series.


The following recordings should not be declared because they do not qualify for neighbouring rights:

  • All performance (Acting, presentations, dubbing, postsynchronization and music) in commercials and jingles;
  • Interviews, contributions to news bulletins on radio and television;
  • Participation in television game shows and quizzes;
  • A concert performance (unless it’s recorded and broadcasted);
  • Participation as an extra;
  • Dubbing of “ambient sounds” (Foley).

In order to calculate your rights in the Belgian territory for music recordings, PlayRight uses your repertoire and several distribution parameters:

  • Radio playlists & their audience,
  • Ultratop sales figures,

You can find here the list of radio stations for which playlists were considered and used as parameter of distribution to calculate your rights. The list of radio stations is classified per open reference year (2014, 2015 and 2016), these being years with rights left to be distributed.

Radio stations whose playlists were taken into account, by reference year. (more…)

At times, disputes can arise about an artist’s contribution to a certain recording.

To allow us to defend your rights, we may ask you for proof of your contribution such as a contract, a statement from the producer, an invoice for your services, the CD insert, the casting list or script…


The next deadline is 31/12/2018 for all music recordings for the reference year* 2015 and all audiovisual recordings for the reference years* 2011 & 2012. Consult the complete overview of open distributions and deadlines here*year in which recordings were broadcast or exploited in any other way.

Rights for a given reference year are not paid out in one go but in two stages. To ensure that you receive as many as possible of the rights you are entitled to during the first distribution round, we would advise you to declare your recordings as soon as you can.

What is my repertoire?

Our members’ repertoire consists of all the recorded artistic performances they declared to PlayRight.

To declare your recordings, simply access the PlayRight portal.

When will my repertoire generate rights in Belgium?

The recordings of your artistic performances will effectively start generating revenue once the following two conditions have been met: (more…)

As a PlayRight member, the recordings of your artistic performances will effectively start generating revenue once the following conditions have been met:

  • You are a PlayRight affiliated member with a mandate that allows us to manage your rights abroad,
  • You have declared your recordings,
  • The recording wasbroadcasted/commercialized in countries where PlayRight has a bilateral agreement,
  • The recording features on the parameter lists the foreign management company uses to calculate the royalties.

Click here for further details about related rights abroad.

You can always* adjust your affiliation contract with PlayRight to:

  • fit the territories for which you entitle us to collect your neighbouring rights (you can find the list of countries with whom we have a bilateral agreement here),
  • and/or adjust the “type” of repertoire you want PlayRight to manage.

First, log into your members portal to see the mandate you have given to PlayRight. Click on “Details” in the left column and then click the “Contract” tab.

The screen shows:

  • A list of your contracts in chronological order (from the most recent to the oldest)
  • The territories that currently covers your contract with PlayRight (Worldwide, Belgium, Belgium +, etc.).


You can consult the distribution calendar here.

Do bear in mind that there are also deadlines to declare your contributions.  If you want to know more about the reference years for which you still can receive your rights, check the overview page 2 & 3 of our distribution calendar. The deadlines are also mentioned.

Also make sure to check out our “News” section for the latest information on the distribution of rights.

The starting point of any distribution is your repertoire, meaning the declarations of your musical performances. Without these declarations, we cannot attribute you rights.

On the one hand, rights are always calculated by reference year, ie the year (or years) during which a music recording will be broadcast, sold and / or exploited. On the other hand, a distribution always takes place in two stages and the first distribution of rights always takes place the following year to the broadcast, sale and / or exploitation. An annual distribution calendar is available and can be downloaded on our homepage. This calendar also contains the deadlines before which you must declare your performances.

Step by step



Step 1: Data collection



First, PlayRight has to evaluate the works that are played, copied and / or exploited for a given reference year. To do this, PlayRight uses the following settings:

  • Radio playlists & their audience,
  • Ultratop sales figures,

These lists and figures are the parameters PlayRight is using to determine the importance of the rights that are attributed to a recording and therefore to the performers: these are the rights that PlayRight distributes to you.


Step 2: Matching



In a second step, the Account managers match the declarations of the affiliated members to the works identified in the playlists. This is called “matching”.



Step 3: assigning weight to a work



Based on the mentioned parameters, a weight is attributed for each work in these playlists: an amount is allocated to the work, based on this weight.

It should be noted that the total amount of a distribution is set according to the remunerations collected for performers for a reference year. This total amount can change: more information about the remunerations behind your rights here.

Step 4: Calculation of rights & Distribution

The total amount allocated to the work is then divided between the performing artists, depending on the role they play on the recording: main artist, conductor or session musician.*

Once this calculation has been done and verified, PlayRight distributes the rights to its affiliated performers and sister companies abroad that have claimed rights for their members (who gave them a mandate for Belgium). If you have declared your repertoire to PlayRight and the recording you participated in has generated rights, you will receive a detailed communication. The amounts, as well as the recordings to which the recordings are linked and the full cast on each recording, can be consulted in your online portal (menu “Rights”).

* Reminder: Since at the time of the first distribution all the artists did not necessarily declare their performances, PlayRight puts a virtual casting on each work, allowing to freeze the rights for the artists who have not yet declared their repertoires: more information here.


How are my rights calculated for an audiovisual performance?

The starting point of any distribution is your repertoire, meaning the declarations of your audiovisual performances (also regarding dubbing and postsynchronisation and music in audiovisual works). Without these declarations, we cannot attribute your rights.

On the one hand, rights are always calculated by reference year, i.e. the year (or years) during which a audiovisual recording will be broadcast. On the other hand, a distribution always takes place in two stages. An annual distribution calendar is available and can be downloaded on our homepage. This calendar also contains the deadlines before which you must declare your performances.




Step 1: Data collection (more…)

Rights for a given reference year are not paid out in one go but in two stages. In other words, there are two distribution times for one and the same reference year.

  • First distribution: we link the declarations in our database against the titles on the national sales and broadcast lists for a specific reference year. Often not all artists will have declared their contribution when we perform our first calculations. To ensure that the rights for artists whose declarations haven’t been submitted yet are secure, we compile a “virtual cast” for each recording, depending on its nature. This virtual casting lists all the possible contributions to the recording, the number of A, B or C roles. On the basis of the virtual cast and the roles specified, the neighbouring rights for a specific contribution to a recording are then calculated. The rights are paid to those who submitted their contribution and are reserved for the “virtual artists”.


A distribution for a reference year always takes place in two stages. It is often observed that there is a difference in the amounts of rights received between a first distribution and a final distribution. Here’s why:

Practical example:

For the distribution of musical rights for recordings broadcast in 2012, PlayRight will make a first distribution in 2013 and a final distribution in 2016.

For the track “Play it Right” played in 2012 and matched to our playlists, PlayRight has, at the time of the first distribution, five declarations from 5 different performers.

In the top right-hand corner on the home page of the PlayRight website, you will find the PlayRight portal  button.

Via  PlayRight Portal, our members and their representatives have access to their online file. Anyone who is affiliated to PlayRight and registered an e-mail address at the time of joining is given access to his or her online file so that they can manage their file online 24/7. Other than providing you with a speedy and easy way to submit your declarations, check your repertoire, amend your personal details, give powers of attorney, etc., this online access also allows you to check your rights payments. And you can put any questions you may have to your account manager whose name and contact details you will also find in your online file.

In the top right-hand corner of the home page of the PlayRight website, you will find a button called  PlayRight portal . Click this button and enter your login details.

My login details? What are they?

Your login details consist of:

  • Your e-mail address, which is the address listed in your file. It is the address you provided when you joined. If necessary, you can always change this e-mail address in your online file. If you do, make sure to use your new e-mail address the next time you log in.
  • Your personal password: when PlayRight confirms your membership, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an activation link. Click this link to create your password.


As a PlayRight member, thanks to your online portal you can declare your artistic contributions, consult your rights and update your personal details. New in 2017, the “PlayList” menu allows each member to select and declare recordings they participated in directly from playlists of open reference years.

In order to calculate your rights in Belgium for music recordings (more…)

The section “Participation(s) to declare” in your online file contains contributions that were once added to your repertoire based on internal research.

In other words, you did not declare them yourself. As a consequence, it is important to check whether this information is also correct. Where appropriate, you can complete that information before confirming your participation and turning it into a declaration. (more…)

As a PlayRight affiliated performer, you can view the details of rights you have received through your online portal (in the “Rights” menu).

PlayRight distributes rights for a reference year in two stages. After the final distribution of rights for one or even several reference years, PlayRight then makes a distribution of the financial benefits generated by these rights.

Several years pass from the time PlayRight collects your rights to the time PlayRight distributes the final payments for those rights.

During these years, PlayRight places your rights, as the law requires, in non-speculative investments, without risk to the capital. Between the time your rights are collected and the final distribution, these rights generate financial benefits. (more…)

When you sign in to your online portal or receive a PlayRight communication related to the distribution of your rights, you may find that your balance is negative or that a negative amount has been debited in the detail of your rights.

Several explanations are possible; they are all compatible:


If you change your e-mail address in your online file, simply use the new e-mail address the next time you wish to log in.

So make sure to remember which e-mail address you registered in your file. If you do run into problems when logging in however, you can always contact your account manager or e-mail us at if you can’t remember who your account manager is.

In Belgium, performing artists’ neighbouring rights are subject to withholding tax. By law, PlayRight is obliged to withhold 15% tax (minus flat-rate costs) from any rights it pays out. PlayRight then passes on this withholding tax to the Belgian State.

And what about my tax situation if I happen to live abroad?

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