PlayRight closes the distribution of music rights for 2014 at 7.2 million euros

PlayRight has just distributed all neighbouring rights for music recordings that were broadcast in Belgium in 2014. This distribution represents a total amount of 7.2 MILLION EUROS and permanently closes the distribution of the neighbouring rights for this reference year.


Music 2014 – Please note that this is the final, and therefore permanent, distribution of rights for this reference year.

A first distribution for these rights was realized in 2015 for this reference year (1.5 million euros). For this last distribution, your rights were calculated based on the repertoire that you declared before December 31th 2017, deadline to declare your recordings for this reference year.


The rights distributed come from the private copying, the lending rights and the equitable remuneration.



 To calculate your rights on the Belgian territory for music recordings, PlayRight matches the repertoires of the music recordings declared with :

  • the playlists of radio stations and audience ratings
  • and the Ultratop sales figures.


 The performers (or their representatives) have six months after this payment to inform us with any objections to this distribution. Do not hesitate to contact your account manager.


Our offices are closed today. The PlayRight team will be back on Monday.

Call for applications: Join PlayRight Board

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of our management company. Among other things, it outlines the strategy of PlayRight. As such, the Board is crucial when it comes to defending the rights of the performers.

We would therefore like to invite you to become a member of this Board of directors, and take an active part in the management of your company. Help shape its projects, plans and future vision.

This year, four administrator mandates are to be filled:

  •   A French speaking musician,
  •  A Dutch speaking musician
  • A French speaking actress/actor
  • A Dutch speaking actress /actor.

French and Dutch being the national languages, we ask you to send us your application in one of these two languages. On the other hand, please note that the General Assembly is held in both languages.

Get involved in YOUR management society and apply for the mandate that corresponds to your main artistic activity.

How? Send your application to , along with:

  • A short personal presentation (‘curriculum vitae’),
  • And a picture (accepted formats: JPEG / PNG) in two separate files.

Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, May 4th.

Your application will then be communicated to the shareholders, so that they can elect their candidate(s) during the General Assembly that takes place on MONDAY, JUNE 18th.

Additional Info: In due time you will receive your official invitation to the General Assembly (both in French and Dutch) and will have access to the online tool to confirm your presence. Meanwhile, note the date of MONDAY, JUNE 18th (from 1pm) in your calendar. Please also note that the General Assembly will be followed by an event and a drink, to which you are warmly invited.

Your tax form 281.45 available in your online portal

The annual tax declarations are coming up and you will need your tax form 281.45 for the taxation year 2018 (incomes 2017). PlayRight has just made this form available for you in your online portal: to download it, log in and click on your “Details” menu under the tab “documents”. If you need more information, you can also read our guide “What about my taxes”.

This fiscal form contains the amount of neighbouring rights distributed to you by PlayRight in 2017. In order to complete your tax declaration this year, you will require the amounts indicated in the form 281.45.

Please note that from this year on the tax administration will no longer perceive your neighbouring rights as professional income, unless proven otherwise (learn more here).

Careful! If another collective management society also distributed you copyrights and/or neighbouring rights, you must declare them in the same section.

Please note that you can complete your electronic tax declaration until July 13th 2018 via Tax on web. If you choose the standard paper declaration, you have until June 29th 2018.

If you have any questions about our document, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager. For any questions specific to your tax declaration, you can contact SPF Finances directly, by calling 02/572.57.57.

Royalties remain royalties until proven otherwise

Good news! The Court of Cassation has recently put an end to the practice of the tax administration consisting of automatically taxing income from neighbouring rights and copyright in excess of the ceiling of 59 970 EUR (for 2018) as professional income.

Since 2013 all income deriving from neighbouring rights and copyright must be declared in your tax return, under the heading of movable property. This means the sum of all your income from neighbouring rights and copyright. Not only the amount you receive from PlayRight, but also what you might receive from another CMO or from a producer.

Up to the limit of EUR 59,970 you are entitled to a favorable withholding tax of 15%. Above this ceiling, the general withholding tax for movable property must be applied, in particular 30%.

Unfounded requalification

But, in practice, the tax administration automatically added this income to your professional income, which meant that it was taxed at a progressive rate of 25% to 50%. And this usually was detrimental to the performing artist. And so, the Court of Cassation was asked to take a decision on this.

The Court did not accept the automatic requalification and decided that from now on it is up to the tax administration to prove that income from neighbouring rights is professional income. Failing that, royalties remain royalties, also for the part that exceeds the ceiling of € 59,970.

Request a revision!

And that is good news! If you have recently been personally affected by such an automatic reclassification, be sure to request a revision.


Today PlayRight has distributed international neighbouring rights for music and audiovisual recordings among its affiliated artists. The corresponding amounts will be transferred to their accounts over the coming five business days.

What are international rights?

Any artists who affiliates himself with PlayRight, has the option to grant a worldwide mandate in his contract. Based on agreements with our sister societies abroad, we receive information on how the repertoire of our artists is used in over 40 countries. This allows us to collect the retributions accordingly.

Neighbouring rights coming from abroad are calculated according to the rules of the local collecting society. PlayRight does check the quality of their data in detail and handles the payment of all calculated rights once received.

What is this distribution based on?

A distributions of international rights can contain several reference years, for music and/or audio-visual recordings. This particular distribution of international rights handles following territories and reference years:

PlayRight takes a 5% fee from the amount of international rights collected after 1 December 2016, as do collection societies abroad.

In August 2018 we will perform a second  international distribution. Check here for our distribution calendar and information on this year’s deadlines.

Further questions?

Contact your account manager or send an email to . You can also consult the frequently asked questions here:

The 2018 distribution calendar is online!

The program is booked for 2018 and PlayRight will realise the next distributions:

2018 deadlines: there are three references years for which you’ll have to declare your works before the 31th of December 2018:

  • Audiovisual: declare your recordings for the references years 2011 & 2012,
  • Music: declare your recordings for the reference year 2015.

The coming distribution will be realised by the end of February and will include rights collected abroad for the artists who gave us a mandate to do such. The full 2018 calendar and deadlines is available here and in our homepage.

This is a provisional calendar and it is subject to change in the future. If this is the case, PlayRight will inform you.


PlayRight new year’s drink – 22/01/2018

We are very pleased to invite you to our New Year’s Drink, that will take place on Monday 22nd of January from 7PM at the Beursschouwburg (silver room + rooftop bar at the 5th floor).  We will raise our glasses to a new year, that we hope will be creative and promising for the future of neighbouring rights.

Please confirm your presence (1 or 2 persons) before Wednesday, 17th of January through

PlayRight hopes to see you all there. See you soon!

The PlayRight team wishes you happy holidays

The PlayRight team wishes you happy Holidays. Please also mark the following date in your agenda for our New Year’s drink: Monday, January 22nd 2018  (a save the date will be sent to you in January on this subject).

Our office will be closed from December 22nd till January 1st 2018.

PlayRight has distributed 2.9 million euros of neighbouring rights for audiovisual works (2010 & 2013)

PlayRight has distributed more than 2.9 million euros of rights for audiovisual recordings broadcast in Belgium. This is a final distribution for the recordings broadcast in 2010, and first distribution for the recordings broadcast in 2013.

Audiovisual 2010 – Please note that this is the last, and therefore definitive, distribution of rights for this reference year. You or your representative have up to six months after this payment to inform us with any objections to this distribution. A first allocation of rights for this reference year had taken place in 2014. Your rights were calculated based on your repertoire, as it was declared up until 31st December 2016: This being the deadline to declare audiovisual recordings for that reference period.

Audiovisual 2013: This distribution is based on the declared repertoires as registered in our database. If you still have recordings to declare for this period, you have until the 31st of December 2019 to do so.


Where do my rights neighboring come from for an audiovisual distribution?

Unlike musical works, only two remunerations are behind your rights as an actor and / or as a musician whose musical performances are used in audiovisual works:

 Although PlayRight makes every effort to extend the scope of neighboring rights for audiovisual works (cable rights or equitable remuneration for the audiovisual works), the source of remuneration for the audiovisual works is much less important than for musical works in Belgium. The two distributions that PlayRight has just made come from the private copying and lending rights reserved for performers for audiovisual recordings. The total amount for the closing distribution of 2010 is 2.5 million euros for the closing of the 2010 rights and 383.000 euros for the first distribution of the 2013 rights.

What artistic performances generate rights for an audiovisual distribution?

From the moment a performer realises an artistic performance within an audiovisual work, this performance is likely to generate neighbouring rights: this extends from a performance within an audiovisual work, to a performance in dubbing and / or postsynchronization or even music in an audiovisual recording. Any distribution by PlayRight is based on declared repertoire, each artist must declare his artistic performances. We then match your declared repertoire and the playlists from the TV channel addressed to a Belgian audience. However, the data in our possession (the broadcast list for each TV channel) aren’t very detailed. Your Account Manager has to look for a set of crucial information before we can match your declaration with the lists we receive.

How were these rights distributed?

An amount of rights is allocated for each audiovisual work, according to its duration and audience rate. The overall amount allocated to the work is then divided among the performers, according to their role in the recording (A: main role, B: second role, C: small role).

For the final distribution of 2010, only television channels with an audience rate greater than 2.5% were taken into account: EEN, CANVAS/KETNET, CLUB RTL, 2BE, La Une, La Deux, RTL TVI, VT4 and VTM.

For the first distribution of 2013, a list of the television channels to be taken into consideration and the minimum audience rate to be reached by each audiovisual program to be taken into account were fixed by the Board, in accordance with our general regulations. This list and this minimum rate can be adapted annually; they are published on the PlayRight website. For each audiovisual program which contains one or more artistic performances, PlayRight attributes a weight, which is based on the audience rate the duration of the work. The weight of each identified audiovisual work will determine the amount of rights to be allocated among the performers present on the recording.

Based on these parameters, the programs for which we have made a first distribution come from the following TV channels: 2BE, Canvas, Club Rtl, EEN, Ketnet, La deux, La une, Plug Rtl, RTL TVI, VIER, VIJF, Vitaya and VTM.

For lack of having all the statements for each record at the time of a first distribution, PlayRight realizes a virtual casting for each work. Such an operation freezes the rights of potential artists who have not yet declared their services.

If you have specific questions about these two distributions, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager (his details appear in the left pane, once connected to your online portal).

This was the last distribution of the year 2017.