PlayRight+ Call for projects

PlayRight+ offers funding to organisations and projects that put the interest of performers first. We call upon such organisations and projects to send in their applications for support . We have two deadlines per year for these applications: one on March 31th and the other on 30th of September.

The supports granted by PlayRight+ hinge on the following lines:

  • Defending the interests of the performers in order to improve their socio-economic and cultural position in society,
  • Education and information about the rights of performers and the practices of their profession,
  • Support for interest groups,
  • The promotion,
  • The internationalization of careers,
  • The transmission, documentation and archiving of our cultural heritage.

How it works

PlayRight+ wishes to support projects that highlight the performing aspect of our artists. In addition to supporting independent projects, the department can also engage in partnerships with organisations that have a correct ethics vis-à-vis the performers.

Would you like to submit a request for a support by PlayRight+ of your project, the functioning of your association or for awarding a prize? Then:

  • You can do this by using the designed registration form, which can be found on our website (only in Dutch or in French).
  • you need to register by sending the necessary data of your organisation to
  • Do take the time to consult our rules and conditions applicable to applications for aid at PlayRight+ (only in Dutch and in French). 


We have two deadlines per year for these applications: one on March 31th and the other on 30th of September. Shortly after these dates, the application files are processed by the PlayRight+ Commission. But the road to the submission of an application doesn’t need to be a lonely job. Playright+ is here to help organizations to prepare their case, to highlight its qualities and added value and to explain how it will be treated.

Projects and organization supported by PlayRight+:

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