Grant for actors

PlayRight+ offers support to independent filmmakers who, as part of their short film project, give the actors a fair remuneration thanks to the attribution of a grant for actor.

To apply for support as a filmmaker, you must:

  • Employ an actor on the basis of an employment contract, or an invoice drawn up by an independent actor. The salary scales to be respected depends on the Parity Convention 227;
  • Submit a full application to PlayRight+ by the deadline.

How to apply?

You must write a cover letter in which you explain your short film project, joining the following documents:

  • A copy of the scenario;
  • A summary of your budget for the short film;
  • A copy of the work contract proposed to the actor (or the actor who performs the dubbing);
  • The curriculum vitae of the actor for which you are applying;
  • An overview of the entire cast,

Send these documents by email to the following address:

When should I submit an application?

  • You can submit your application by March 31st or by September 30th.
  • Your request will be processed within 60 days.

What kind of support are we talking about?

  • In case of a positive evaluation of your application, PlayRight+ supports your short film project by 50% of the remuneration of an actor;
  • Only one grant per film project can be awarded;
  • You can apply once for a grant for an actor,
  • Only fictional projects are accepted (not documentaries)

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