PlayRight+ projects 2021: An overview

December 7 2020

PlayRight+ offers funding to organisations and/or projects that put the interests of performers first.

Despite the health crisis, PlayRight+ has made every effort to continue its mission also this year. A short overview of the projects we were able to proudly support in 2020:

VKRS (Video Killed the Radio Star)

VKRS is the combination of music and video in one event.

Bands often need a video clip to launch their music. And a clip is way more than just a ‘broadcast medium’, it is an art in itself. The aim of this festival, organized by Les Riches-Claires is, hence, to draw attention to this art, and especially to these artists.

Secret Sessions 2020

Uniting different Belgian and international artists who do not necessarily know each other, to create an original piece in only two hours… That is the original challenge offered by Secrètes Sessions, organized by FrancoFaune!

Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur

FIFF 2020

The international film festival FIFF, founded in 1986, organises an annual competition for feature films and short films, for both fiction and documentaries; in short, it provides a reflection of the French-speaking diversity in the audiovisual market.

In addition, the festival creates numerous workshops and meeting occasions where professionals can come together and build on the new French-speaking cinema of tomorrow.

Fifty Lab Show Case

In 2019, a new showcase festival made its appearance in Brussels: Fifty Lab, a festival that provides a stage for the alternative music scene and emerging, Belgian talent.

This year, however, the festival is slightly different from other years. As a consequence of covid-19, it’s turned into an online edition: The Digital Lab. On Friday 20 November 2020, those who are interested can visit the Fifty Lab website and join talks and performances by, amongst others, Frenetik, Annabel Lee, David Numwami, Dolly Bing Bing, Victor De Roo & many more!

Concours Circuit

Concourc circuit 2020

Concours Circuit is THE event for the emerging music scene in Wallonia and Brussels. This competition aims to put the next generation of talents in alternative music and new sounds in the spotlights.

330 singers and music bands  applied for this 2020 edition of the contest. The jury, composed by music professionals, selected twenty eclectic and promising music projects. The selected artists and groups are involved in different music styles such as post-punk, lofi, ambient or techno.

There are four evenings planned to select ten artists and groups who will participate in the third finals. At the end of this stage, five music projects will be presented during the finals on December 12th at the Botanique in Brussels. (subject to change)

Dubbing workshop organized by JB Vox

JB VOX formation dubbing

JB Vox offers dubbing workshops for actors.

As these workshops are quite pricy, and in order to make them more accessible to a larger number of artists, PlayRight+ has provided financial support to strengthen the artistic skills of Belgian artists.

JEF Festival 2021 edition

The European Youth Festival is een film festival created by young adults. Every year in February, the JEF Festival hosts a large number of film screenings and workshops for all ages, from toddlers to (young) adults.


FACIR is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2013 and since then, unites over 800 musicians. The mission of this association is to make the voice of musicians heard and bring them to the attention of the political landscape, on the one hand, and the Belgian music scene, on the other.

This non-profit organization is active thanks to the membership contribution of its members, and the help of one-off subsidies such as those from PlayRight+.


Acteursgilde is the Flemish interest group for professional actors. The aim of the association is to initiate matters that defend the interests of workers in the audiovisual sector.

Their battle mainly concerns political matters, subsidies, wage agreements, neighboring rights, taxes, the future of our media landscape, etc.


GALM wants to give voice to both authors and musicians. The organization, thus, represents the voice of musicians within various organizations and boards of directors.

In addition, GALM also strives to advise policymakers with ideas that strengthen the position of the musician.

L’Union des Artistes

union des artistes

L’Union des Artistes  is the oldest cultural association in the field of entertainment in Belgium. L’Union is composed of performers. They mainly offer support to artists.

PlayRight+ is proud to have financially contributed to all these amazing projects and to have supported the above associations that play such an important role in the life of artists.

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