13 countries of Latin America where PlayRight can now collect your rights!

December 9 2016

PlayRight just signed an historic agreement which groups thirteen countries of Latin America.

We are proud to announce the thirteen countries and sister companies PlayRight has a new agreement with: Chile (SCI), Colombia (ACINPRO) , Costa  Rica (AIE Costa Rica), Ecuador (SARIME), Guatemala (Musicartes)  Salvador, (ARIES), Mexico (EJE), Panama (PANAIE), Paraguay (AIE PARAGUAY), Peru (SONIEM), Dominican Republic (SODAIE), Uruguay (SUDEI) and Venezuela (AVINPRO). Please note that these companies are managing music rights only.

Along with our existing bilateral agreement in Brazil with ABRAMUS, this agreement is our most encompassing ever finalized. Because of this, PlayRight will soon be able to collect the rights in those countries and distribute them to the affiliated performers.

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