PlayRight administration costs & PlayRight+ deductions

These are costs and deductions deducted by PlayRight at the time of the collection.

1.Administration costs

On a daily basis, PlayRight performs the necessary actions to carry out the collection, management and distribution of your rights. Our administration costs cover all expenses related to the sound functioning of our organisation.

In accordance with the Belgian legal requirements on collective management, these operational fees are deducted at the time of the collection, i.e. when PlayRight receives the remunerations that can be claimed on the basis of your neighbouring rights for musicians and for actors.

Every year PlayRight takes all necessary measures to limit the administration costs to the strictly necessary.

PlayRight’s mission to collect the remuneration for performing artists is the most expensive one. In addition, there is the management, documentation and process of music and audiovisual data, which go well beyond other companies, given a much larger repertoire and a large number of affiliated artists.

Reference yearsOperational fees

2. Rights collected abroad

The administration costs for the rights PlayRight collects abroad are mainly borne by the local organisations. They are responsible for the costs associated with the collection of right in their territory. There is no PlayRight administration costs (see point 1) deducted on rights collected abroad.

However, the follow-up of international exchanges, quality control and monitoring of the accuracy of amounts and data sent by these partners, require a significant investment from our organisation. PlayRight therefore charges a 5% additional fee when transferring rights that were paid by our sister organisations after December the 1st, 2016.

3. PlayRight + deductions

In Belgium, all collective management organisations have the possibility to support rightsholders through social, educational and cultural actions. Since 2014 PlayRight has made use of this possibility by means of its department PlayRight.

PlayRight+ focuses on defending the interests of performers and supporting organisations and projects that pursue the same goal.

The deductions for PlayRight + are, in accordance with the legal provisions on collective management, a pre-allocation taken on all revenue that PlayRight derives in Belgium from the management of the legal licenses (equitable remuneration, private copy, public lending right). PlayRight + deductions are not made on the annual supplementary remuneration or on amounts received from abroad.

Each year the percentage of the PlayRight+ deductions is set by the Administrative Board.

Reference yearPlayRight+ deductions rate

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