New final distribution of audiovisual rights 2013 of 3.045.876€!

June 9 2020 Audiovisual PlayRight

PlayRight heeft zojuist de afsluitende verdeling uitgevoerd van rechten die voortkomen uit audiovisuele opnames die werden uitgezonden en geëxploiteerd in België in 2013! Deze afsluitende verdeling, die volgt op een eerste verdeling en vroeger plaatsvindt dan oorspronkelijk was gepland, bedraagt €3.045.876, en sluit de verdeling van naburige rechten af voor het referentiejaar 2013.

Emergency fund for artists: PlayRight extends measures

June 2 2020 Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

Because of the measures taken in the fight against Covid-19 and its impact on the activities of our affiliated artists, PlayRight has decided to extend the emergency fund during the[…]

Music performance: how to declare that I perform more than one instrument on a recording?

May 29 2020 Music PlayRight

A performing artist can appear in only one role category and only once per role category: A. Main artist, person who has a contract with the producer responsible for the[…]

Time for action

May 28 2020 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Since the end of March, many consultation meetings, hearings, think tanks and other similar gatherings have taken place to establish supportive pillars for the artistic sector, which is probably the[…]

Playlist 2019 now online: declare your music recordings as soon as possible

May 7 2020 Music PlayRight

PlayRight has just released the playlist for the reference year 2019. So time to declare your music recordings via your online portal! Every year we ask our affiliated artists to[…]

2020 Deadlines: declare your contributions now!

April 30 2020 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

Each year, PlayRight draws a calendar of the distribution of rights that will be paid to its member artists.  In order for PlayRight to identify your repertoire and calculate your[…]

Music 2016: Final distribution of rights mounts up to 6.7 million €

April 29 2020 Music PlayRight

PlayRight has just carried out the final distribution of rights coming from music recordings that were broadcast and exploited in Belgium in 2016. This final distribution, which took place earlier[…]

Your tax form 2019 is online

April 23 2020 PlayRight

The annual tax declarations are coming up and you will need your tax form 281.45 for the taxation year 2020 (incomes of 2019). PlayRight has just made this form available[…]

Music 2016: advanced payment of your rights

April 21 2020 Music PlayRight

Our performing artists have been severely impacted by the cancellation of their artistic activities during the pandemic. The PlayRight team has, therefore, done everything in its power to adapt the[…]

A PlayRight+ emergency fund for performers

April 9 2020 Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+ PlayRight+

PlayRight has taken action and created an emergency fund for performers who are facing significant financial pressure as we battle the Coronavirus. The purpose of this fund is to partially[…]


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