From TV to theatre: the rise and popularity of Michiel De Meyer

May 29 2019 Audiovisual PlayRight

He is young and wants something. And whatever he wants to achieve… seems to be working out just perfectly. Of course we are talking about Michiel De Meyer, by many[…]

Playlist 2018 now online: start declaring your music recordings!

May 29 2019 Music PlayRight

PlayRight has just released the playlist for the reference year 2018. So time to declare your music recordings via your online portal! Every year we ask our affiliated artists to[…]

Music 2015: final distribution of €7.8 million euros

May 20 2019 Music PlayRight

PlayRight has just closed the distribution of the rights for the music recordings broadcast and exploited in 2015. This closing distribution amounts to 7.8 million € and follows a first[…]

Debate – 17/06/2019 – Focus on the artist

May 16 2019 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

To end our next General Assembly, PlayRight is pleased to invite all its affiliated artists as well as any organisation active in the industry to a debate about the rights[…]

VKRS: Belgium (finally) has a video clip festival

April 30 2019 Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

VKRS festival, what is it? Video Killed the Radio Star* is the first Belgian festival dedicated to the video clip, but it is not just that. During this first edition,[…]

Offices closed this Monday

April 22 2019 PlayRight

Our offices are closed this Monday, April 22sd. PlayRight team will be back on Tuesday.

15.000 artists members of PlayRight

April 8 2019 PlayRight

PlayRight has more than 15.000 artists members In order to collect your neighbouring rights, you have to become a member of PlayRight (or a collective management company abroad in charge of[…]

Call for applications: Join the PlayRight Board

April 5 2019 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

The PlayRight Board is the decision-making body of our collecting society, made up of actors/actresses and musicians, which guides and supervises the activities of the company. The performing artists who[…]

Your tax form 281.45 available in your online portal (taxation year 2019)

April 2 2019 PlayRight

The annual tax declarations are coming up and you will need your tax form 281.45 for the taxation year 2019 (incomes of 2018). PlayRight has just made this form available[…]

Not one but two European directives!

April 1 2019 Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

It was a busy week for Europe. Not only was the highly anticipated Copyright Directive approved, also the planned adjustments to the Satellite and cable directive were accepted. We briefly explain what changed for[…]


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