Rights collected abroad: first distribution of 2024 of 1.45 million euros

February 8 2024 Audiovisual International Music

PlayRight distributed 1,446,618.85 euros to our affiliate members for music and audiovisual recordings exploited abroad. What are international rights? An artist who joins PlayRight can give us a global mandate.[…]

New colleagues at PlayRight: welcome, Jana and Kurt!

January 11 2024 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

At PlayRight, performers take centre stage. A team of account managers supports the music and audiovisual artists affiliated with us daily. Since 8 January, two experienced and passionate colleagues have[…]

Distribution calendar: overview of rights to be paid to artists in 2024 

December 22 2023 Audiovisual International Music PlayRight

The 2024 distribution calendar is ready: seven distributions of rights collected on the Belgian territory and abroad will be carried out in 2024, among which two final distributions:  Deadline for[…]

Luc Gulinck chairman of new Working in the Arts Commission

December 22 2023 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

PHOTO: © Margaux Nieto Former chairman of PlayRight Luc Gulinck will be the chairman of the new Commission du travail des arts/Kunstwerkcommissie (‘Working in the Arts Commission’) as of 2024.[…]


December 14 2023 Audiovisual PlayRight

 The additional distribution of exclusive rights for broadcasting on RTBF is completed! PlayRight has distributed a total of €577.403 in rights coming from RTBF (co-)productions broadcast on their television channels[…]


November 29 2023 International Music PlayRight

Key artist and label groups from major European music markets have come together today to ask the EU to come up urgently with a legislative solution to address the consequences[…]

End of strike in Hollywood: SAG-AFTRA reaches agreement

November 28 2023 Audiovisual International

The actors’ union SAG-AFTRA and the major audiovisual production companies reached an agreement on 8 November to put an end to the actors’ strike that had paralysed Hollywood for 4[…]

Music rights 2022: First distribution of 4.82 million euros

November 9 2023 Music PlayRight

PlayRight has carried out the first distribution of music rights for the reference year 2022. The total sum received by our musicians and artists affiliated via a sister society abroad[…]

Pension reform : Progress for arts workers in Belgium

October 26 2023 Audiovisual Music PlayRight

In the context of Working in the Arts, the federal government has undertaken a series of reforms aimed at improving the socio-economic situation of arts workers. This initiative is an[…]

Audiovisual rights 2022: First distribution of 362.805,86 euros

October 19 2023 Audiovisual PlayRight

PlayRight has just completed the first distribution of audiovisual rights for the 2022 reference year! The total amount involved is 362.805,86 € of neighbouring rights coming from private copying, lending[…]


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