Non-musical works: first distribution of €17,663

February 22 2024

PlayRight has just completed the first distribution of non-musical works for the reference years 2006-2023. The total amount received by our affiliated members is €17,663.03.

What are non-musical works?

As an artist, you may have played a role in an audio drama or sketch intended for broadcast on the radio or online. Know that these performances generate neighbouring rights. With non-musical works we refer to an artistic performance you make as a performer in the context of a sound recording. Note that only performances registered on a commercial recording AND broadcast on the radio are taken into account.

Which programmes are eligible? 

The infogram below shows all radio stations where PlayRight can collect rights for non-musical works for the reference years 2006-2023.

What should I do if I haven’t declared anything for 2006-2023?

It’s not too late yet! This is only a first distribution. PlayRight always distributes rights in two stages: a first one that takes place now, in 2024, and a final distribution in 2027. The deadline for declaring repertoires that can generate rights for the reference years 2006-2023 is 31 December 2026
Go to your online portal, click on the ‘Repertoire’ menu and then on the last tab ‘non-musical’. Then click on ‘Add declaration’.

Any questions? 

Do you still have questions about this distribution? Feel free to contact your account manager. You can find their details via your account in the PlayRight portal, or you can send an e-mail to

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