February 19 2024

Do you want to make your voice heard and help shape the future of rights management for you as a performing artist? Don’t miss this opportunity! Become an shareholder before March 17 and join us at our General Assembly on June 17.

Every year, at the General Assembly in June, it’s you, the performing artists, who make PlayRight’s heart beat. Join us as a shareholder and make your voice heard by voting for the members of the Board of Directors and giving your opinion on proposed amendments to the statutes and general regulations.

Why become a shareholder?

What are the benefits of being a shareholder? Here is a  short overview of the advantages. As a shareholder:

  • You will be the first to know about any of our latest developments;
  • You gain an insight into how your rights are collected, managed and distributed;
  • You can participate in the General Assembly;    
  • You can designate the presidents of the college to which you belong (Music or Dramatic Arts and Dance, depending on your main artistic activity);    
  • You have the opportunity to express your opinion and vote on proposed changes to the Statutes and the General Regulations;    
  • You can apply to become a director yourself and be a part of the Board of Directors (during the next General Assembly). 

How can you become a shareholder?

  1. Be a member of PlayRight and have participated in at least three recordings that generate neighboring rights in accordance with the law.
  2. Submit your shareholder application through your online portal. Log in, go to “Personal data” (left column) and click on “Shareholder” (upper right). 
  3. Once your Account Manager confirms that you meet the requirements, you will be asked to pay the one-off share of 49.57€. 
  4. Please do so before the March 17, 2024 deadline so that you can attend the General Assembly on June 17, 2024!
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