Save the date: General Assembly 2024 on 17 June

April 10 2024

Put it in your calendar: on Monday 17 June from 14:00, the annual General Assembly of PlayRight will again take place at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels!  

Please note: you can only participate in the General Assembly if you have been a PlayRight shareholder before 17 March 2024. 

The General Assembly is a crucial moment for your collective management organisation. There, you get the chance to participate in important decisions that affect the future of PlayRight: you can vote for the candidates you want on the Board of Directors and you decide on any changes to our statute and regulation. You also get to see the annual report and annual accounts to gain an insight into our activities.  

In addition, the General Assembly is also an opportunity to meet your colleagues from the sector and employees from PlayRight: we warmly invite you to a drink afterwards. 

How do I register? (Registration opens 28 May!)  

From Tuesday 28 May, you can confirm your attendance via the PlayRight portal.  

Can’t make it to the General Assembly but would still like to vote? Then you can give a mandate to another person entitled to vote. 

  1. Log in via the PlayRight portal.  
  1. On your dashboard, you will see a tool to register. Click on I attend or I wish for someone to attend on my behalf. You will see a list of everyone who has already confirmed their attendance.  
  1. You are registered! You will receive an email with the profiles of candidate directors and the documents that will be voted on during the General Assembly.  

The deadline to register is Tuesday 11 June 23:59. Register before that deadline, otherwise you will not be able to participate in the General Assembly. Your mandate will also be rendered invalid.  

Hope to see you there! 

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