Publication: Political memorandum of the performing artist 2024-2029

May 16 2024

2024 is the election year: we will vote in the European, federal, and regional elections on 9 June, then in the local elections on 13 October. As performing artists, these elections are crucial opportunities for you to make your voice heard as a sector. With that in mind, PlayRight’s political memorandum outlines the challenges and recommendations for the upcoming legislature, as well as further calls for action.

The Belgian cultural sector has undergone enormous changes in recent years. We have been hit hard by the pandemic; the energy crisis; the shift towards digital consumption of music and film. Yet there have also been major successes, namely the modernisation of the social security system for artists and the formation of a legal basis for artists to receive remuneration from streaming and content-sharing platforms.  

Ahead of the 9 June and 13 October elections, PlayRight has identified the nine main challenges for performers in Belgium, all of which require a targeted approach from politicians in order to protect your rights and revenues.  

  • Recognition of the cultural sector as a political interlocutor  
  • Artificial intelligence  
  • Remuneration for streaming and content-sharing platforms  
  • Equitable remuneration for audiovisual works  
  • Taxation and social security  
  • Consequences of the RAAP verdict  
  • Funding for the cultural sector  
  • Fair remuneration for performers  
  • Thorough review of equitable remuneration for music  

In addition, our memorandum includes 17 concrete recommendations to improve the situation of performers in Belgium.   

As a performer, your involvement is crucial. Read the full memorandum and share it with your colleagues in the cultural sector. Together, we can work to ensure a fair and sustainable future for all performing artists in Belgium.

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