Distribution calendar 2021: Overview of the rights that will be paid to our artists

December 7 2020

The distribution calendar of 2021 is here! Over the course of the next year, eleven distributions will be carried out, collected on the Belgian territory and abroad, of which two final distributions.

Month 2021Distribution
FebruaryRights collected abroad
MaiMusic rights 2017 – Final distribution
JuneAudiovisual rights 2014/2015 – Final distribution
AugustRights collected abroad
SeptemberAudiovisual rights 2019 – First distribution
OctoberMusic rights 2020 – First distribution
Deadlines distribution neigbouring rights 2021 – PlayRight

Next year you ought to declare the following performances before December 31st, 2021:

  • Your audiovisual performances for the reference year 2016;
  • Your music performances for the reference year 2018.

Note that this calendar is provisional and, hence, might be subject to change. If this woud be the case, PlayRight will explicitly inform her members.

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