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19 February 2020 - 20:25

An event that cannot be missed within the Belgian Francophone music scene: the D6bels Music Awards (DMA), which will take place on 19 February 2020, starting at 8 pm on TV channel La Deux.

The next, long-awaited edition of the DMA is still a couple of weeks away, but as from today onwards, the public can now vote! Choose your favourite artist within every category. Voting is possible until 10 January 2020.

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Alice on the roof – Madame, Arno – Santeboutique, Kid Noize – The Man With the MonkeyFace, Roméo Elvis – Chocolat

FEMALE SOLO ARTIST: Alice on the roof, Angèle, Claire Laffut, Typh Barrow    

MALE SOLO ARTIST: Arno, Baloji, Mustii, Roméo Elvis

BAND: Caballero & JeanJass, Glauque, Juicy, L’Or Du Commun           

FRENCH SONG: Angèle, Claire Laffut, Scylla, Suarez            

POP: Alice on the roof, Loïc Nottet, Mustii, Typh Barrow                          

ROCK & ALTERNATIVE: Arno, Behind The , Cocaine Piss, Winter Woods

DANCE & ELECTRO: Henri PFR, LiHo, Løyd, Todiefor                        

URBAN: Hamza, Le 77, Roméo Elvis, Shay   

HIT : Angèle –Balance ton quoi, Angèle – Tout oublier (feat. Roméo Elvis), Kid Noize – Walking to the Jungle, Loïc Nottet – On Fire

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