On your marks… start declaring: the 2017 PlayList is online

July 9 2018

PlayRight hast just uploaded the PlayList for reference year 2017 to your portal.

In order to calculate your rights in Belgium for music recordings, PlayRight uses two distribution parameters; playlists of Belgian radios for open reference years and Ultratop sales lists. These playlists are now available through your online portal, listed by reference year. Learn more about the PlayList menu

Deadline for your declarations: 31st of December 2018

You have until the  31/12/2018  to :

  • declare your audiovisual recordings for the reference years 2011 & 2012,
  • and to declare your music recordings of the reference year 2015.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of the recording year (if it does not exceed 70 years), be aware that a performance may continue to generate rights even after its first year of broadcast. On the other hand, declaring your entire repertoire also allows us to collect your rights abroad.

On your marks… 

You are now set to declare your contributions in a few clicks, from playlists that PlayRight uses as a distribution parameter in the Belgium territory. To do such, log in to your  online portal and click on the PlayList menu. Finally, please note that this tool is specific to music recordings.

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