PlayRight’s mandate in the RAWG has been renewed for 2018

September 20 2017

During the previous SCAPR Working Group meeting, Johan Bex, our Attaché International Relations has been re-elected as the convener of the RAWG Working Group.


SCAPR is the international organisation that groups management companies of performing artists’ neighbouring rights. Its mission is, among others to agree on standards and best practices for the affiliated collecting societies and improve the transparency, exchange and efficiency of collective management.

RAWG (Rights and Administration Working Group) is comprised of experts involved in the international exchange between collecting societies. The main aim for the working group is to cooperate towards a consistent improvement of the implementation of our Bilateral Agreements, implying an increased flow of cross-border rights exchanges.

The RAWG participants meet in person four times a year at a location provided by one of the societies. These meetings allow us also to network with other societies and learn from their working habits. In addition to these meetings, we cooperate closely with sister societies, making them full partners to work with.

This increased cooperation encourages societies to invest heavily to improve their working methods so that performers will receive an increased number of rights from a higher number of territories in a quicker and more detailed manner.

The next meeting will be organised in November by Gramex, our Finnish partner.

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