Workshops for PlayRight members

13 June 2019 - 10:00

As a member of PlayRight, you use your personal online portal, via which you are able to easily declare your performances, see your repertoire, make adaptations to your affiliation contract, check the rights that each performance has generated, etc.

However, PlayRight is planning on reworking this portal, which means that a bunch of adaptations will be made that will directly affect you, as well. But we cannot do this alone, so we need YOU!

As user-friendliness for our members is very important to us, we would like to invite you to our interactive workshop during which we will be sharing ideas on the basis of which we will then adapt the content and working of the online portal. We cannot think of anybody more competent than you, a member of PlayRight, performing artist and user of the portal, to inform us on how we can improve the online portal for our members even more!

The workshops will last about two hours and will be held at the offices of PlayRight (Boulevard Belgica 14, 1080 Brussels) on the 12th of June for Dutch speaking members and on the 13th of June at 10 AM for French speaking members.

  • The morning workshops are intended for the audiovisual repertoires and start at 10 am.
  • The afternoon workshops are intended for the music repertoires and start at 2 pm.

Will you be there? Please confirm your presence by sending an e-mail to events@playright.beand mentioning whether you want to subscribe for the morning workshop (actors) or afternoon workshop (musicians) for Dutch (12th of June) of French speaking (13th of June) sessions.

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