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June 15 2023

PlayRight+ and Sabam for Culture recognize the tremendous growth of visual content in the music industry and are therefore joining forces to offer you a grant to record a music video or live session. The grant covers 50% of the production costs, up to a maximum of 1,500 euros for your music video or live session. 

Who can apply for this grant?

To receive the full grant, you must meet following criteria:

  • All of the authors and/or composers of the musical work of the music video or live session must be members of Sabam; 
  • All of the main artists of the project must be members of PlayRight. 

If any of these conditions are not met, only 50% of the amount can be granted to your project.

What costs does the grant cover?

  • 50% of the costs incurred, directly related to the production and recording of the music video or live session, up to a maximum amount of 1,500 euros excluding VAT:
    • production
    • post-production
    • recording
    • mixing
    • editing
    • remuneration of the actors, director or scriptwriter
  • Catering costs will not be considered.


  • Any band or artist can claim the grant once every 2 years.
  • Your application must be submitted 1 month before recording the music video. 
  • The music you choose for your music video must be a recent release, with a maximum of one year before the release date of the music video.
  • You must have an external partner doing the promo for your music video or live session (for example, a label, media partner or press agent). 
  • To receive the full grant, it must be an original song (not a cover/arrangement) from the Sabam repertoire. If it is a cover, only 50% of the grant can be awarded to your project.
  • You hire a director, scriptwriter or production company to direct or produce the music video. This is not a requirement for the production of a live session.
  • The PlayRight+ and Sabam for Culture logos are displayed at the beginning or end of the music video or live session and the support is mentioned in the accompanying text.
  • Your music video or live session respects the values that Sabam for Culture and PlayRight defend, such as gender equality, the Declaration of Human Rights, and the rights of people belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities.
  • Please note: this grant cannot be combined with the following Sabam grant: the development grant for a publisher for the same album or single. 
  • All communications about the music video should mentionPowered by Sabam” or #poweredbysabam andSupported by PlayRight” or #SupportedByPlayRight. 

What does my application contain?

  • The concept of the music video or live session.
  • The budget, detailing all costs excluding VAT, including third-party support or grants.
  • The invoice or contract from the third-party partner handling the promo.
  • The full names of the author and/or composer and all key artists involved in the project.
  • A list of who will be involved in the audiovisual production.
  • Your promotional plan (period of distribution of the video and potential partners).

Processing your request:

Your application will be assessed within 10 working days against the above criteria. Sabam for Culture and PlayRight reserve the right to:

Payment conditions

Payment of your scholarship is made in several stages

  1. We analyse your application to confirm that it fully meets the criteria for the scholarship;
  2. We check the supporting documents you have provided. We check the supporting documents you have provided and, if necessary, check that they match your budget;
  3. Once the video clip or live session has been broadcast, we check that the visibility requirements, including the presence of logos and credits, have been met in accordance with the grant criteria.

Once all these steps have been validated, we will provide you with invoicing information and a personalised reference for payment of your grant. Payment will be made by means of an invoice in PDF format, with a VAT rate of 21% (if you are subject to VAT).

If you prefer to receive payment as an individual, a form will be sent to you by e-mail for this purpose.

Please note: once your application has been accepted, you have 12 months to comply with the payment conditions set out above. After this time, you will need to submit a new application.

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