Better technology, better rights!

December 3 2018

Since 2015, actors and musicians have a right to remuneration for cable retransmission. From July 1st onwards that will also be the case for direct injection. And so we are one step closer to a technology-neutral acknowledgement of your neighbouring rights.


Access to audiovisual works and music has never been easier than today, and despite the feeling of free, our viewing and listening behaviour still generates income. But the way in which these revenues are shared with all creators is still too often dependent on the chosen technology. That was initially also the case for direct injection.

One year later, the adoption of a new legislation has created legal certainty for actors and musicians. But, it continues to wait for a general principle: no matter what technologies are used to distribute a work, the revenues generated by this must be shared equitably amongst all the rights holders, performing artists included.

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