Distribution calendar: Overview of rights to be paid to artists in 2020

November 4 2019

The 2020 distribution calendar is ready: nine distributions of rights collected on the Belgian territory and abroad will be carried out next year, among which two final distributions:

Month 2020Distribution
January Audiovisual rights 2011/2012 – Final distribution – correction
FebruaryRights collected abroad
MayMusic Rights 2016 – Final distribution
JulyAudiovisual rights 2013 – Final distribution
AugustRights collected abroad
September Audiovisual rights 2017/2018 – First distribution
October Music Rights 2019 – First distribution
November Additional annual remuneration – Audiovisual Rights 2016/2018
DecemberAdditional annual remuneration – Music Rights 2014/2018
December Audiovisual rights 2011/2012 – financial benefits

Next year, you will have until the 31/12/2020 to declare:

  • Your audiovisual performances for the 2014/2015 reference years,
  • Your music performances for the 2017 reference year

This is a provisional calendar and it is subject to change in the future. If this is the case, PlayRight will inform the affiliated artists.

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