Music rights 2018: a first distribution of 3.4 million € of neighbouring rights

November 25 2019

PlayRight has just performed a first distribution of the music rights collected for the year 2018. This first distribution, which will later be completed by a final distribution, amounts to 3.4 million €.

This distribution includes equitable remuneration, private copy and lending rights collected for music recordings that were broadcast and / or exploited in 2018.

Distribution of music rights: how does it work?

Prior to this distribution, PlayRight created a Playlist based on the playlists of the Belgian radio stations and the Ultratop sales figures of 2018.

Once these remunerations have been collected, PlayRight links your declared repertoire with these playlists, which contain all recordings that may generate rights for a certain year. You can find these playlists via your online portal in the PlayRight menu and declare your performances based on the tracks you recognise. Learn more about the PlayList menu.

What if I haven’t declared anything for 2018? It’s not too late yet! This is a first distribution, which will be completed by a final distribution in 2022. PlayRight always distributes rights in two stages:

You can declare the recordings in which you participated and which were possibly broadcast, exploited and/or sold in 2018 until 31 December 2021. To do so, please go to your online portal and declare your performances.

Questions regarding this first distribution?

Don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager or send an email to

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