Launch of Unisono, the unique platform for copyrights & neighbouring rights

November 26 2019

January 1st, 2020 marks the operational launch of Unisono, the unique platform for copyrights & neighbouring rights in Belgium. This platform is a result of a collaboration between Sabam, PlayRight and Simim to collect copyrights and neighbouring rights (via the equitable remuneration). Unisono must simplify the procedures for users and, at the same time, ensure greater transparency.

Before the launch of Unisono, a user (restaurants, bars, companies, events) had to pay copyrights to Sabam, on the one hand, and neighbouring rights via the equitable remuneration, on the other. The creation of Unisono now ends this dual procedure and allows users to pay both copyrights and neighbouring rights through one single payment.

Unity is strength

The collecting societies Sabam, PlayRight and Simim have, thus, joined forces to make the existence of Unisono possible. In addition to this administrative simplification that the platform entails, users can also turn to Unisono for a film screening, a theatre performance, a public lecture or the reproduction of a work of art.

From the user to the artist

Music is everywhere. For users such as bars, restaurants, events or companies, music contributes to creating a friendly atmosphere for the well-being of their customers. For the authors, musicians and producers, music is first and foremost a profession. To use music, is to support those who compose, perform and bring it to life.

Accessing music has never been easier. However, ensuring that each author, performer, and producer individually receive the compensation he/she deserves for using his/her work, would not be possible without the existence of a central platform. Thanks to Unisono, users can now remunerate the authors, composers, artists and producers via a single declaration and payment. Go to from January 1st, 2020 onwards!

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