The “PlayList” menu in my portal

As a PlayRight member, thanks to your    PlayRight Portal you can declare your artistic contributions, consult your rights and update your personal details. New in 2017, the “PlayList” menu allows each member to select and declare recordings they participated in directly from playlists of open reference years.

In order to calculate your rights in Belgium for music recordings, PlayRight uses two distribution parameters; playlists of Belgian radios for open reference years and Ultratop sale lists. These playlists are now available to our members through the portal, listed by reference year.

How does it work ?

Based on the reference year and other search criteria (title track or element of the title track, name of the main artist), you can select (+) a recording title and declare it by completing the necessary information. If you want to declare several declarations, you can select several recording titles that occur on the playlist and export your selection by downloading the related Excel file.

Once you have completed the file, you can upload it on your portal via the related tabs (non-classical music declaration or classical music declaration).

As long as you don’t click on clear that selection, the selected recordings stay on your selection.

A detailed guideline is available in your online portal, in the PlayList menu.

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