Declare my performances

You can declare your recordings online and complete your repertoire via our secure portal by using the button  PlayRight Portal. To log in, fill in your email address and your password.

You can declare your artistic performance according to the kind of contribution through the related tab in your portal:

  • Music: Artistic performance as a musician in a music recording. Please note that we distinguish classical and non-classical music.
  • Audiovisual: Every artistic and not musical performance as an actor or dancer in an audiovisual recording.
  • Dubbing en postsynchronisation: Artistic performance as an actor in a dubbing & post synchronization recording.
  • Music in audiovisual: Artistic performance as a musician in a music recording used in audiovisual,  concert ,  soundtrack of a movie or a TV-show.

By clicking on “add a declaration” in the appropriate tab, you should complete a form.

How should I declare my music performance the most correct way possible?

It is necessary to complete all the mandatory fields and indicate after the title and between brackets the following information:

  • If the track title is a live version followed by the year of recording (ex: … live 2013);  or a  radio live transmission (ex: … live Radio X 2017)
  • Any version other than the original recording which required a new recording session. Examples include: acoustic versions, live versions, or a new studio version with new musicians. Ex :…(acoustic) , … (Version 2017).

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