Financial support to the sector: The initiatives of PlayRight+

PlayRight+ currently also provides financial support to the sector via the following initiatives:

  • Fund Belgian Music (Music)
  • Fonds Norma Joossens (Audiovisual)
  • Emergency Fund (Audiovisual & Music)


The Fund Belgian Music is a support fund for Belgian musicians that was established in the middle of the corona crisis in 2020. PlayRight+ is one of its founders, alongside Sabam for Culture, Galm, and Facir, and in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation.

Using its own resources and the support of generous artists, supporters and companies and organisations, the Fund Belgian Music supports music projects all over the country and of all genres. More specifically, the aid granted is aimed at supporting the creation, production, exploitation (marketing, communication and public relations), performance, internationalisation and export of music.

Fund Belgian Music works on the basis of annual calls for projects and an external jury. More information and the latest news can be found on


The Fonds Norma Joossens, established by the King Baudouin Foundation, has as its main objective to support actors/actresses and comedians who do not have the sufficient financial means to meet their needs at retirement age. Learn more


As part of PlayRight+’s social actions, PlayRight created a system of aid for the loss of income of its members due to the health crisis. The emergency fund was established in March 2020 and was reserved for artists who are affiliated with PlayRight. Learn more


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