Deadline to declare my performances

The next deadline is 31/12/2024:

  • for all music recordings for the reference year*  2021
  • all audiovisual recordings for the reference years* 2020-2021
  • performances in RTBF (co)productions for the reference years* 1996-2020
  • musical performances for the reference years* 2019-2021 (annual supplementary remuneration)

Consult the complete overview of open distributions and deadlines on the the distribution calendar page

*year(s) in which recordings were broadcast or exploited in any other way.

Each year PlayRight set up a deadline for performers to declare their repertoire: see the distribution calendar to learn more about it

Rights for a given reference year are not paid out in one go but in two stages. To ensure that you receive as many as possible of the rights you are entitled to during the first distribution round, we would advise you to declare your recordings as soon as you can.

If you do delay, there are two possible situations:

  • If your declarations relate to a reference year that hasn’t been closed yet and are filed on time, you will receive the rights we allocated to you and that were safeguarded by the  “virtual cast” process.
  • If your declarations relate to a reference year whose deadline has expired (a year that has been closed), you will not receive any rights for that particular reference year. Yet, it remains essential that you still submit all your declarations because if the recording is used / broadcast again at later stage you will receive your rights for that subsequent reference year. Provided you adhere to the deadline for the reference year in question of course.

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