My repertoire is broadcast abroad

Your repertoire may also be protected by neighbouring rights abroad. If your recordings are broadcast in other countries, the collecting societies in those countries will collect neighbouring rights on your behalf. They will do so regardless of whether you are affiliated to them or not.

However, these rights do not automatically end up in your bank account. You can instruct PlayRight to collect your rights abroad from the sister companies. Once collected, PlayRight will pay these rights to you.

Or you can join one or several foreign collecting societies directly. You should do what is in your best interest. Always bear in mind however that each society has its own set of distribution rules and its own databases. If you work with several collecting societies you must also make sure that they all know your repertoire.

How manage my rights abroad?

When joining PlayRight, you can specify in which countries PlayRight can collect your neighbouring rights. There are various options:

  • Worldwide: PlayRight manages your rights for all the countries where we have a bilateral agreement.

The rights those foreign societies collect will be passed on to you via PlayRight. For countries where there is no agreement with PlayRight in place, you can sign a contract with the local collecting society directly

  • Belgium: PlayRight will collect your rights you earned only in Belgium.

Any rights foreign societies collect on your behalf will not be paid to you via PlayRight. To ensure payment of these rights, you can join another collecting societies. Do check where your repertoire is broadcast and make sure that any rights you earn in these countries are paid to you via a collecting society.

In short, you have a number of other options:

  • worldwide MINUS specific countries: if, for these specific countries, you prefer to join a local society directly
  • Belgium PLUS specific countries: in which case you authorise PlayRight to collect your rights in a number of countries while the rights you earn in other countries are managed by a different collecting society.

The territories that are covered under your affiliation contract are listed in your Online portal (menu “details”, tab “contract”).

Make sure not to create any conflicts when joining several collecting societies! You cannot assign the same mandate (same territory) to different collecting companies: If so, a conflict will arise which can block the payment of your neighbouring rights.

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