For which countries can I become a member?

When you join, you can specify in which countries you want PlayRight to collect your neighbouring rights:

  • Worldwide
  • Worldwide minus a number of listed countries
  • Belgium plus a list of other countries
  • Belgium only

Note: if you are affiliated to a collecting society that manages your neighbouring rights and also want to join one or several other societies, you must clearly specify the territorial jurisdiction of the various societies because, if several societies are managing identical territories, a “conflict” is created in your file.

This will lead to discussions about who is entitled to collect your neighbouring rights and in what territory. This can delay, and possibily freeze, the payment of your neighbouring rights.

Contracts can always be amended but bear in mind that there are statutory time limits which each collecting society must adhere to, dependent on the changes you wish to submit to your affiliation contract. More information about contract adjustments can be found on this page.

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