Which TV channels are included in the PlayRight Playlists?

In order to calculate your rights for audiovisual recordings in Belgium, PlayRight uses your repertoire and several distribution parameters:

  • the duration of the work,
  • the time of broadcast
  • and the market share of the channel.

Here you will find the list of channels whose audiovisual recordings were taken into account for the distribution of audiovisual rights. Your rights for an audiovisual work can stem from: a performance in an audiovisual recording, a dubbing & postsynchronisation performance, and/or a musical performance in an audiovisual recording (“music in audiovisual”).

The list of channels is displayed by non-closed reference year (2015, 2016, 2017/2018 and 2019), that is, years for which there are still rights to be distributed:

PlayRight relies on the data communicated to us to create the audiovisual playlists. This data is often incomplete or Not detailed enough, requiring constant work which can potentially lead to adaptations of the list of the channels displayed above.

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