Financial support to projects & organisations: The Commission PlayRight+

PlayRight+ offers financial aid to organisations and/or projects that make an effort to improve the position of performing artists, or that offer noticeable added value to the artistic community.

This condition is an essential criterion for receiving financial support.

PlayRight+ does not support projects of a purely individual nature, but it does support projects and organisations that:

  • Defend the interests of the performers in order to improve their socio-economic and cultural position in society;
  • Educate and inform about the rights of performers and the practices of their profession;
  • Offer support for interest groups;
  • Promote artists’ careers;
  • Help with the internationalisation of artists’ careers;
  • Transmit, document on and archive our cultural heritage.

In addition to supporting specific and one-off projects that meet one of these objectives, the PlayRight+ department can also provide financial support on the long term to and collaborate with organisations that make a positive contribution and promote a favorable ethic towards performing artists.

That is why we encourage the initiators of projects and organisations to submit their application for support during one of our sessions, in March (projects) or in September (projects and organisations). 


Are you committed to advancing the position of the performing artist, or are you contributing something valuable to the artistic community? Would you like to apply for support for your project or organisation? In that case:

There are two deadlines per year to submit the official application forms.

  • Session March (projects): 31 March 
  • Session September (projects and organisations): 30 September

Applying for this financial aid may sometimes seem a bit complicated, but do not worry! The PlayRight+ department is there to help those who are interested with preparing their file and emphasizing their qualities and added value.

Once we have received all the official application forms and closed applications, the PlayRight+ Commission, our decision-making body consisting of experts from the artistic sector, will analyse these accurately. Consequently, we will inform you as soon as possible of the decision regarding your file.

Together, let us improve the position of the performing artists in our society!


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