PlayRight international

PlayRight collects, manage and distributes the Belgian rights generated by all performers repertoire, regardless of their place of residence and in accordance with the Rome Convention.

Because the Belgian repertoire does not constitute all the broadcast, exploited and sold repertoire, neighbouring rights generated in Belgium are also due to performers who are represented by their management company abroad. Through PlayRight’s bilateral agreements with these companies overseas, PlayRight can exchange these rights. The company can also claim the rights of the repertoires of the artists we represent abroad.

These exchanges of rights are possible thanks to the agreements concluded and to a daily work of cooperation between the sister companies. This work is also facilitated by the SCAPR, which facilitates the definition of standards and good practices in these exchanges.

Such international cooperation allows all PlayRight members to collect their rights both for the Belgian territory and for all the countries where PlayRight has concluded a bilateral agreement, given that the performer gave PlayRight a wordwide mandate.

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