International exchanges

Collecting societies exchange information about the use of their respective repertoires in each country. This is usually done on the basis of playlists.

On these lists, PlayRight will specify for which artists and recordings it claims rights . The rights are then calculated on the basis of the distribution rules operated by the sister company and paid to PlayRight. But as each society has its own distribution rules and methods, there are a lot of variations on this rule.

As part of these international exchanges, PlayRight has created a portal for the companies we work with. Partly similar to the online portal for affiliated artists, this portal for sister companies allows them:

  • to access and complete the repertoire of the artists they represent,
  • to see in details the distributions made by PlayRight.

PlayRight has bilateral agreements with more than 40 sister companies around the world. The follow-up of international exchanges, as well as checking the quality and accuracy of amounts and data sent by these partners, are tasks that require a significant internal investment within the company.

Like the other collecting societies, PlayRight will take a 5% fee from the amount of the international rights that were collected AFTER December the 1st, 2016 in order to distribute these rights to our members.

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