General rules of distribution

What is my repertoire?

Our members’ repertoire consists of all the recorded artistic performances they declared to PlayRight.To declare your recordings, simply access the  PlayRight portal

When will my repertoire generate rights in Belgium?

The recordings of your artistic performances will effectively start generating revenue once the following two conditions have been met:

  • It must be possible to broadcast the recording.

In concrete terms: broadcasts via radio or television, music played in commercial premises, hotels and restaurants, recordings that are copied…

  • The recording features on the parameter lists PlayRight uses to calculate the rights.

PlayRight must be in position to establish which recordings are played frequently, rarely or very frequently. Which recordings were played often on the radio, in a restaurant? Which recordings were copied to various degrees? Which television series or films were broadcast?

When will my repertoire generate rights in Belgium?

As it is impossible to know and log each individual performance, PlayRight resorts to various well-considered parameters to perform that assessment: radio playlists, hit lists, TV listings…. Also listening and viewing figures are taken into account.

Remember: your repertoire can generate royalties year after year even if your artistic performance was recorded years ago.

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