Financial support to students: The PlayRight+ awards

PlayRight admires those who choose at a young age to turn making music or acting into their future profession. That is why PlayRight+ gives an extra boost to students who have, one way or another, distinguished themselves from the rest during their artistic formation.

Each year, PlayRight+ awards a prize of 500€ to a number of final-year students who have distinguished themselves during their training as an artist. These awards are given to students from any college or university offering a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Who can win a PlayRight+ prize?

Every student who completes a formation or obtains his/her diploma during the next evaluation of any Belgian college or university, accredited to award recognized diplomas for a bachelor’s or master’s degree as a musician or actor.

Who chooses the winners?

We let the teaching staff complete freedom in their choice of who will receive a PlayRight+ award. Since teachers know their students like no other, it is up to them to choose the winners of the awards. The only criterion to be respected: the selection must be made based on the students’ performances as performing artists.

How is the PlayRight+ award ceremony at a college or university organised?

A representative of the teaching staff can contact the Culture Department (PlayRight+) by sending an email to

Last PlayRight+ prices winners:


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