Which radio stations are included in PlayRight playlists?

In order to calculate your rights in the Belgian territory for music recordings, PlayRight uses your repertoire and several distribution parameters:

  • Radio playlists & their audience,
  • Ultratop sales figures.

You can find here the list of radio stations for which playlists were considered and used as parameter of distribution to calculate your rights. The list of radio stations is classified per open reference year (2017, 2018 and 2019), these being years with rights left to be distributed.

Radio stations whose playlists were taken into account, by reference year:

  • Radio Ham: stopped broadcasting on December 2016
  • Story FM: stopped on February 2016. Stream through, but channel name changed to Sportpaleis / Versuz
  • Mixt: deactivated on February 2016
  • Cherie FM Belgium: from February 2015
  • Sportpaleis / Versuz split into 2 channels in mid-2017
  • FM Brussels name change to Bruzz in 2018
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