DEADLINES: declare your repertoire before the 31st of of December 2018

August 27 2018

Each year, PlayRight sets a deadline to declare your repertoire and allow us to identify your performances both on Belgian playlists and abroad. The collection, management and distribution of your rights are therefore based on your declared repertoire.

PlayRight wishes to inform you that you have until the 31st of December 2018 to declare your repertoire:

  • For music recordings to which you participated and that were broadcast or exploited in 2015,
  • For audiovisual recordings to which you participated and that were broadcast or exploited in 2011 & 2012.


Prior to these final distributions that will take place next year, this calculation will be based only on declarations made up to the 31st of December 2018.  Any declarations made after this date will not be taken into account, meaning that they will not generate rights for this reference year.

It doesn’t mean, however, that your repertoire will not generate rights for the open reference years, but simply that it will be too late to generate rights for the reference years to be distributed next year  (Audiovisual : 2011 & 2012, Music : 2015). Therefore, make sure your repertoire is up to date! 

Forgot your password? In the homepage of your portal, enter your email address and click on I forgot my password. You will shortly receive an email inviting you to create a new password.

Participation to declare”?

Once logged in your  PlayRight portal, you might notice in the left column if you have some participations to declare. Please note that the deadline is also applicable to those contributions. As long as you have not declared them, they can’t be considered and will not generate rights.


  • Please take into account that PlayRight will be closed during the Holidays as from 21/12/2018 until 01/01/2019. Therefore, your Account Manager will not be available during this period,
  • We recommend to declare your repertoire as quickly as possible. You can find on our homepage the distribution calendar & summary of all deadlines,
  • Declare your music contributions in a few clicks thanks to the PlayList menu,
  • A complete list of the declarations, made by either yourself or your representative, is available to you via the PlayRight portal.
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