Who collects the equitable remuneration ?

The collection of the equitable remuneration is done by Honebel and Outsourcing Partners until December 31st, 2019*.

  • Honebel is mandated to collect equitable remuneration from the CHR;
  • Outsourcing partners is mandated to collect the equitable compensation for temporary events and from local radio stations;

Both pay the equitable remuneration to SIMIM for the part that goes to the music producers, and PlayRight for the part that goes to the performing artists, on the basis of an equal share between the two collecting societies (50/50).

*From January 1st, 2020, enterprises, restaurants and bars, and event organisers will be able to pay both copyrights and equitable remuneration through a unique platform for music use, called Unisono. Collecting societies PlayRight, Sabam and SIMIM have joined forces to make this a reality and the unique platform for music will be online from 2020 onwards.


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