The Challenges of SVOD (Video on demand)

January 9 2019 - Audiovisual PlayRight+

FIA (International Federation of Actors) is organizing a one-day seminar in Brussels on Thursday 25 April to talk about Online Platforms and the challenges of SVOD. Practical information will follow[…]

Administration costs & PlayRight+ deductions

PlayRight PlayRight+

These are costs and deductions deducted by PlayRight at the time of the collection. 1.Administration costs On a daily basis, PlayRight performs the necessary actions to carry out the collection,[…]

Is the Belgian national employment office targeting performing artists?

October 8 2018 - PlayRight PlayRight+

As a performing artist chances are very high you will need to call on unemployment benefits at some point in your career. In order to gain access to these benefits[…]

A neighbouring right for streaming?

September 11 2018 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight PlayRight+

On Monday 10th of September, the European Parliament will resume its activities. One of the points on its agenda during the first week is the much-debated Directive on Copyright in the[…]

Johan Hoogewijs, screen composer & musician on demand

September 5 2018 - International Music PlayRight PlayRight+

The term ‘performing artists’ is a very large umbrella, it does not stop at session musicians or  screen actors. Who are the members of PlayRight? Johan Hoogewijs is as a[…]

Raising awareness on neighbouring rights

Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

The purposes of PlayRight+ are to inform the performers about their rights

Legal advice


PlayRight+ monitors all legal developments and we mobilize to ensure the voices of performing artists are heard in our sector and by policy makers.

PlayRight+ prize

Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

Very grateful to those who choose music and acting as their future profession at a young age, a little help is possible for those who excel in their passion.

Grant for actors

Audiovisual Audiovisual PlayRight PlayRight+ PlayRight+

PlayRight+ offers support to independent filmmakers who, as part of their short film project, give the actors a fair remuneration thanks to the attribution of a grant for actor.

Call for projects

Audiovisual Audiovisual Music Music PlayRight PlayRight+ PlayRight+

PlayRight+ offers funding to organisations and projects that put the interest of performers first. We call upon such organisations and projects to send in their applications for support . We have two deadlines per year for these applications: one on March 31th and the other on 30th of September.


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