Summer 2023 : PlayRight+ supported events

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Summer is here, and with it a host of exciting musical and audiovisual events taking place in Belgium. We’re delighted to present the events supported by PlayRight+ this summer season. Get ready to experience unforgettable moments and support local and international talent!  

  • BRIFF – June 27 to July 5  

The Brussels International Film Festival (BRIFF) returns for another exciting edition. This event showcases Belgian and international cinema, offering moviegoers an opportunity to discover unique and inspiring films. As a partner of BRIFF, PlayRight is proud to support this event, which promotes the 7th art in all its forms. During BRIFF 2023 we’ll be offering a workshop on neighboring dories, as well as a drink in partnership with Sabam at the festival’s closing ceremony.  

Classical music fans, the Musiq3 Brussels Festival is for you! This festival invites you to discover internationally renowned classical music concerts. Talented artists will perform in emblematic Brussels venues to offer exceptional musical moments. PlayRight is delighted to support this festival, which celebrates musical excellence, with a “Propulse Classique” day where the company will have the opportunity to inform artists about their neighboring rights. 

Wallifornia Music & Innovation Summit, the global conference at the crossroads of music and innovation, returns for another edition, featuring experts in technology and music. This unique event offers an immersive experience combining music, technology and visual art. PlayRight supports Wallifornia in its drive to push back the frontiers of artistic creativity and innovation.  

Les Ardentes is an urban and electronic music festival that attracts thousands of festival-goers to Liège every year. With an eclectic line-up of rap, hip-hop, electro and many other genres, this dynamic event is a must for urban music fans. PlayRight is delighted to be a partner of Les Ardentes, supporting the creativity and talent of the urban music scene, also thanks to the springboard organized in conjunction with Les Ardentes. The latter having offered the opportunity to produce 4 artists on the Wallifornia Stadium stage during the 2023 edition of the festival. 

The Gent Jazz Festival is a not-to-be-missed event offering a varied program featuring renowned Belgian and international artists in the field of jazz and improvised music. The various festival venues offer a convivial atmosphere in which to enjoy exceptional musical performances, ranging from intimate jazz clubs to large open-air stages. PlayRight is delighted to support this event and won’t miss this opportunity to showcase new musical horizons and appreciate the virtuosity of jazz musicians. We’ll also be present in the backstage area for scheduled meetings with the artists.   

Les Francofolies de Spa is back for another fiery edition! This not-to-be-missed event on the French-speaking music scene offers an eclectic program, featuring Belgian and international artists. PlayRight is proud to support this festival, which celebrates musical diversity and highlights the richness of the French language. The collecting society will also be awarding a prize to a candidate in the Franc’Off, the Francofolies springboard competition.

The Ronquières Festival returns with a breathtaking program. Situated in an exceptional setting, this festival offers an impressive musical diversity. National and international artists will take to the stage to deliver memorable performances. PlayRight is delighted to support this event, which showcases the richness of Belgium’s international music scene. PlayRight has also organized a springboard this year, which will enable one band to perform at the festival. We’re also planning a professional drink during the festival.   

Intra Muros Festival For Early Music – Alden Biesen Castle is an annual international music festival held at the historic Alden Biesen Castle in Bilzen, Belgium. It showcases talented young musicians, features performances of international quality and presents exclusive programs. The festival focuses on early music, from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, offering a unique and inspiring experience within the castle walls. Spectators have the opportunity to interact with the musicians during rehearsals, meals and concerts, making this an extraordinary event for artists and audiences alike. 

The Festival d’Art Huy is an annual artistic event held in Huy, Belgium. It’s a celebration of art in all its forms, including music, dance, visual arts, theater and much more. The festival showcases local and international talent, providing a platform for artistic creation and cultural expression. The Huy Art Festival is supported by PlayRight   

The Hide & Seek festival is organized by the Muziekpublique team, who unearth hidden places that open their doors to unique performances featuring traditional world music. Let yourself be carried away by unexpected concerts in places as surprising as a Masonic temple, a Brussels soap factory or a rock-climbing gym, to name but a few! These magical moments promise to be unforgettable. This unique formula is supported by PlayRight.

PlayRight will be at the artists’ side all summer long. We look forward to seeing you there, and to supporting musical and audiovisual talent together! 


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