PlayRight+ informs the sector about neighbouring rights via thematic workshops

April 12 2022

While the artistic community is quite familiar with copyrights, still very little is known about neighbouring rights. Even professionals who are involved with neighbouring rights on a daily basis often don’t grasp it entirely.

A complex matter, that is. Hence, its popularisation is essential to enable performers to understand its mechanisms and the importance of taking these rights into account during their careers.

That is why PlayRight+ regularly organises sessions to raise awareness on neigbouring rights in the form of workshops, as part of its objective of informing and educating the sector – one of the pillars of our socio-cultural and educational action.

The objective is to go through all the legal concepts and the practical aspects of neighbouring rights together with the artists, and that during one or two hours.

Participants will get the opportunity to obtain answers to crucial questions about the managements of rights: What are neighbouring rights? What are the differences with copyrights? How can you receive your neighbouring rights and how are they calculated? What is their impact on taxes or unemployment allowances?

The theoretical part, based on concrete examples adapted to the participants (musicians, actors, comedians, etc.), is followed by a second part, which allows for a direct exchange between us and the participants. We will try to answer all your remaining questions and even analyse particular situations. You will also be able to directly become a member of PlayRight.

These workshops are generally part of events (festivals, network events, …) or organised as part of a school curriculum (conservatories, universities, …), but we also organise these at the request of any representative federations of the sector.

In 2022, the PlayRight+ department has already organised more than ten workshop together with institutions such as the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD), the Fédération Belge des Professionels de l’Humour (FBPH), the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, the Ostend Film Festival, Trappelend Talent, and many others.

Do you also want to organise a workshop on neighbouring rights as part of your event or within your federation/organisation? Do not hesitate to contact the PlayRight+ department via mail: .


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