Is the Belgian national employment office targeting performing artists?

October 8 2018 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

As a performing artist chances are very high you will need to call on unemployment benefits at some point in your career. In order to gain access to these benefits[…]

A neighbouring right for streaming?

September 11 2018 - Audiovisual International Music PlayRight PlayRight+

On Monday 10th of September, the European Parliament will resume its activities. One of the points on its agenda during the first week is the much-debated Directive on Copyright in the[…]

Raising awareness on neighbouring rights

Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

The purposes of PlayRight+ are to inform the performers about their rights

Legal advice


PlayRight+ monitors all legal developments and we mobilize to ensure the voices of performing artists are heard in our sector and by policy makers.

PlayRight+ prize

Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

Very grateful to those who choose music and acting as their future profession at a young age, a little help is possible for those who excel in their passion.

Grant for actors

Audiovisual Audiovisual PlayRight PlayRight+ PlayRight+

PlayRight+ offers support to independent filmmakers who, as part of their short film project, give the actors a fair remuneration thanks to the attribution of a grant for actor.

PlayRight+ Call for projects

Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

PlayRight+ offers funding to organisations and projects that put the interest of performers first. We call upon such organisations and projects to send in their applications for support . We have two deadlines per year for these applications: one on March 31th and the other on 30th of September.

Actions on a European level

Audiovisual Audiovisual Music Music PlayRight+ PlayRight+

From a predominantly “physical” market and carriers for music and audiovisual work (CD, DVD, vinyl, etc.), internet has caused the broadcasting and exploitation of these works to shift towards the digital market. The regulations with regards to copyright and neighboring rights, however, have not followed.

Actions on a national level

Audiovisual Audiovisual Music Music PlayRight PlayRight+ PlayRight+

PlayRight+ has done a lot of fieldwork and has followed up on the legal and political developments with regards to copyright and neighbouring rights in Belgium.

Anke Jochems ontvangt de laatste PlayRight+ Prijs 2017

March 5 2018 - Music PlayRight PlayRight+

PlayRight+ heeft bewondering voor diegenen die er reeds van jongs af aan voor kiezen om van muziek of acteren hun¬†toekomstig beroep te¬†maken. Daarom bieden we aan alle hogescholen en universiteiten[…]


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