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PlayRight+ has done a lot of fieldwork and has followed up on the legal and political developments with regards to copyright and neighbouring rights in Belgium.

Anke Jochems ontvangt de laatste PlayRight+ Prijs 2017

March 5 2018 - Music PlayRight PlayRight+

PlayRight+ heeft bewondering voor diegenen die er reeds van jongs af aan voor kiezen om van muziek of acteren hun toekomstig beroep te maken. Daarom bieden we aan alle hogescholen en universiteiten[…]

A PlayRight+ prize for the Jazz section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels

October 18 2017 - Music PlayRight+

After visiting the Gent School of Arts, PXL Music and Arts2 , PlayRight+ continues its tour and made a stop at the Jazz station this Tuesday 17th of October to[…]

The two winners of a PlayRight+ prize at arts au carré are…

October 2 2017 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

The academic year is officially launched and with it, PlayRight + continues to award prizes to the students who just finished their Master. The latest laureates have just completed their[…]

Support, advice, defending artists interests: what is PlayRight+?

July 27 2016 - PlayRight+

Created by artists, for artists: PlayRight’s mission is to collect, manage and distribute neighbouring rights to performers- but not only. PlayRight+, one of the departments of PlayRight, was created two years[…]

A PlayRight prize for students

July 6 2016 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

Made by artists, for artists: PlayRight+ believes in the future generation of actors and musicians.  We recently made visits to both the Ghent Conservatory and  PXL Music (Hasselt), where prizes were[…]

The European Commission is looking for a fair digital market

December 9 2015 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

Today – December 9th 2015 – the European Commission announced its plans to modernize the European rules on copyright and neighbouring rights and to adapt them to the European Digital[…]

Survey for performers on their on demand remuneration

October 19 2015 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight PlayRight+

The musical and audiovisual works to which you participate as a performer, are increasingly exploited by online platforms and on demand services. These digital exploitations generate a growing number of[…]

Election 2014: Memorandum for the performing artist

May 2 2014 - Audiovisual Music PlayRight+

In the run up to the election in May 2015 PlayRight + drafted a ‘Memorandum for the performing artist’. The freedom to choose a life as a performer is guaranteed, the[…]


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