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July 12 2022

Does your project boost the position and interests of performers? Then you might get a financial boost from us!

PlayRight+, the socio-economic and cultural department of PlayRight, works daily to improve the situation of the performers. We do this by offering support in various ways. One of these consists of financial support for specific and one-off projects that positively represent the position of the performers, or that offer great added value to the artistic community in general.

Are you a project organiser and do you want to apply for support? There are some conditions to be met. Please check whether you meet these requirements before submitting an application.


Your project

  • Defends the interests of the performers in order to improve their socio-economic and cultural position in society;
  • Informs about the rights of performers and the practices of their profession;
  • Offers support for interest groups;
  • Promotes artists’ careers;
  • Helps with the internationalisation of artists’ careers;
  • Transmits, documents on and archives our cultural heritage.

Your project might take on many different forms: a short film or feature film, a documentary, an award, workshop, show… As long as something good comes out of it for the performing artists.  In fact, the project cannot be oriented towards a single artist (solo or band) and/or serve only individual commercial interests.

You can find all the conditions here: Dutch/French. So, could you check off at least one of the above items? Then your project is eligible, and you can submit an application!

SUBMIT APPLICATION – how does it work?

  1. Register via the registration form (Dutch / French). Fill out and send it to . Only complete applications will be taken into consideration!
  2. Subsequently, you will receive the official registration form. You must fill it out entirely and send it back to us.
  3. Take into account the deadlines. For projects we organise 2 sessions a year: 31 March and 30 September.
  4. After we have received all the applications and the deadline has passed, the Commission PlayRight+ and the Board of Directors analyses every file. Afterwards, we will inform you as soon as possible of the decision regarding your file.
  5. You will get paid out in two times: a first instalment of 80%, paid out right after the decision of the Commission PlayRight+ ,and a second instalment of 20% after completion of the project and after the Executive Committee has determined that all conditions have been met.

Complicated, you say? No worries. The PlayRight+ department is happy to help you out with the preparation and content of your file.

Attention: The financial support granted by PlayRight+ can amount to a maximum of 50% of the budget needed for your project.


Do you think that your project qualifies? Don’t hesitate, fill out the registration form ASAP, and you might receive financial support by PlayRight+!

Next deadline: 30 SEPTEMBER


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