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July 12 2022

Thanks to PlayRight+’s last call for projects, many events have received financial support from us! We take the opportunity to provide an overview of the supported and upcoming events

Festival d’Art (Voice and World Music) – from 17 until 21 August 2022

“Let all masks fall of. Behind, we find the faces and smiles of the world via the transversal journey brought by the Festival d’Art. Its aim: to make you discover universes of sound and instrumental traditions that will amaze you. Whether they come from Scotland, Ireland or Cuba, whether it is a dialogue between West-African griots and an opera singer, or a play of different vocal cords that takes you on an imaginary journey… Whether it be magicians on the oud or banjo… This festival unites everything to enrapture you. Experience timeless moments in the present moment.”

The event and programme of the 2022 edition of Festival d’Art in Huy is based on this beautiful premise. A festival dedicated to music and voices from all around the world. The concerts are spread over the entire city and a musical walk makes it complete.

Info & tickets:

Bru.x.elles Festival – 22 & 23 September 2022

“The first festival of hybrid contemporary music performances that focuses on female artists and artists belonging to gender minorities. 100% made in Brussels but with international reach!”

The objective of Bru.x.elles, in interdisciplinary and inclusive feminist festival project, is to give women in the music sector more visibility. This is translated into the choice of female producers, external partners and a music programme focusing on female artists.

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FIFF Namur – from 30 September to 7 October 2022

The International Francophone Film Festival is back with a new edition! An indispensable autumn event for cinephiles and the entire French-speaking audiovisual sector. The FIFF has been supported by PlayRight+ for many years now.

This year, too, PlayRight will award a performing artists with the Award for Best Actor in the context of the Short Film Competition.

Trappelend Talent: Theatre Performances – from 1 October to 15 November 2022

Trappelend Talents wants to support young theatre makers in launching their career. Together with TheaterFestival, the organisation annually selects five or more theatre plays that are worth seeing, but couldn’t find their way to the theatre.

Because production processes of plays are often complex and difficult to oversee, Trappelend Talent makes its know-how and professional network available to theatre makers at the start of their career. This way, they want to open doors for them to the audiovisual sector.

More info? You can find it here:

ARTONOV Festival – from 8 until 16 October 2022

The ARTONOV festival is inspired by the international Art Nouveau movement, both for its philosophy and its implementation. Its objective is to generate a convergence between the performing arts, such as music, dance, theatre, fashion and visual arts by promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and creation in Art Nouveau and Art Deco houses and other venues of remarkable architecture in Brussels.

“Rediscover our heritage by attending a performance, a concert or a show. Imagine the interiors of the most beautiful houses, the ‘hotels de maître’ of Brussels’ great masters or public places of remarkable architecture reinvented by established or emerging artists. Music, dance, circus, theatre, design, visual arts and culinary arts at the heart of our heritage and available to all. Far from rehashing the past, the ARTONOV Festival offers a fresh look at the concept of Total Art.
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