July 13 2022

The non-profit organisation has noted that the artists increasingly have to take on the responsibility (and, therefore, the risk) of working on the artistic and economic development of their career, even if they do not always have the necessary resources and capacities to do so. In this respect, the non-profit wants to intervene and offer its services. This is in line with our missions, which is why the non-profit organisation can count on the support of PlayRight+. We take a closer look at the projects of CLNK!

“CLNK’s raison d’être? Facilitate the professionalisation of urban music projects in such a way that artists can freely exercise their profession as authors and/or composers and/or performing artists. We want them to acquire the POWER-TO-DO that is necessary to translate their musical activities into a concrete, sustainable and at the same time unique musical and professional project.”

That is the ambition of the non-profit CLNK, which received support from us during the last PlayRight+ call for projects for its support system for emerging urban artists. URBAN369aims to be a breeding ground for “young talent”, by facilitating and supporting the professionalisation of the project leaders of urban musical productions.


URBAN369 takes on an original approach: artists get to know themselves, understand the sector, identify the existing financing methods and define their professional musical project.

Do you want to benefit from this support? The formation welcomes 10 “project leaders”. To be part of it, you must submit your candidacy before the 25th of August: www.urban360.net

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